Aphex Twin

This guy was always going to make it to the `rockin’ out with’ list. It was just a matter of hitting a week where nothing else came up.

There’s a funny little interview here. Radiohead (adored by The Kids, respected by the Establishment (and I think they’re okay too)) have come out and said that a lot of the Kid A and Amnesiac albums were aphex twin inspired. The interviewer here asks aphex twin if he likes Radiohead, would he ever play with them?
“No. I wouldn’t play with them since I don’t like them. It’s hard enough to go on tour with a band you like and see them play the same songs every night. It’s even worst if you don’t even like them.”
Haha – ya gotta love that honesty.
I dig pretty much all his stuff i’ve heard. About six or seven years ago there was a radio show on PBS FM called Interzone. Once they did an aphex twin special which I taped. There was this one track that had a little kid syaing “mashed potatoes” through out it, and what sounded like a guy – saying “Mashed potatoes. Why do you say mashed potatoes?” Kinda break-beaty sound ot it. I never found out what it was called and haven’t heard it again since.
The other lost thing is was a EP some friends had but lost, something like “The Mike Flowers Pops Meets The Aphex Twin” — remixes of mike flowers tracks. That was so quirky and groovy.
So, don’t feel inhibited to jump on the networks and download some aphex twin stuff, he’s made plenty of dough and drives around the back roads of England’s south in an army surplus armoured car (the kind that looks like a tank but without a turret) on his days off.

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