“you can keep the furniture…”

Is what thom yorke of radiohead yowls in `Morning Bell’ from the Kid A album. (The line, Where’d’ya park the car? is my favourite, but that’s another story.) My take on the song is that it’s about a break up.
See, as mentioned before, i was trawling the ODP a couple of weeks ago. One of the many I had a quick click through was this. I didn’t think much of it – but the poignancy of that front image struck me last night.
Via TV we’ve all seen fotos ripped in half, but how do you rip a .JPEG??? [With a whole bunch of bitterness – ed.] I wonder if there’s ever been a couple (married or otherwise) or an equal partnership which has broken up and resulted in legal proceedings (Court Battle) to see who gets to keep the domain name?
“You can keep the kids, the dogs and the house but suchn’such.com is MINE!
Either way, sounds like a good movie plot starring Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan – HAHAHAHA!!!

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