where to?

Am a tad chuffed and self conscious at present; Sir Flakey at Core gave a nice little mention to these here ramblings. hahah – i cope so badly with positive comments!

But the point is definitely taken re: blogs being a new form of communication. I look around a bit further and see bloggers with archives back as far as 1999 which makes me think `what the hell was I doing all that time?’. (answer: muckin’ around in chatrooms, and then discussion boards)
It’s like when I actually got on the net — i wasn’t on of the first, but just as the thing really exploded — same with blogging — and really it’s only this last couple of months that it feels like I’m getting my head around it. It’s pretty amazing – something big and new unfolding right in front of you.

That’s the thing about net-related technologies and personal computing – it’s moving so quick! And there’s so many areas that you could go further and further into learning about.
The last thing that really grabbed me was poetry about four years ago – but that burnt itself out within a year because it’s just not moving anymore. All the big events were in the past and a stuck there.
Convergence of all these gadgets, OSes evolving, CPUs speeding up and the net being used in more and more different ways – it’s all very interesting – but that last one i like because it doesn’t require a head for coding.
The thing I’m wondering a lot at the moment is What’s Next? What’ll be the next form of communication to spring up oganically out of cyberland. I’ve got no idea Predicting the future sure isn’t my specialty.

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