it’s a big universe

Just finished reading chapter 3, `Navigating the blog universe’, from the book, We Blog: Publishing Online with Weblogs. Was quite good. Some of the beginning stuff kind of seemed obvious, and I’d read about that whole “kaycee scam” in pc world mag ages ago. But the interview with the blogdex guy was interesting. And I finally found out what both blogroll and meme mean. for some reason everytime I saw the word blogroll written i got visions of souvlaki, but that was about it. It’s just the list of external links people have on pages. One would think it might’ve been spelt `role’ as in `role call’ … Anyway – and meme – I found odd because it wasn’t in my dictionary (the Macquarie – the big one too – none of the pcket-size stuff) — got in 98, so maybe that explains it. A meme is: `The term meme refers to ideas or behaviors that spread from one person to another.’ – they say.
Oh – and one quote I really liked from the afore mentioned blogdex guy was, `For some, the weblog is a natural medium for the expression of their personality, and for others it is an awkward square hole with which to press their circular identity into’.
I think I’m probably one of those round people, but half of the fun of using the written word to communicate in is its limitations. While I might try as hard as I can to get the reader to `hear’ the tone of voice and exaggeration I’m using when i write, the truth is that I probably wouldn’t go over the top at all in a face to face convo.

My AllSeeingEye is seeing too much. One discovered that if one is using a web based statistics mechanism … and one happened to be looking at one’s own statistics … and sees … “joe blogg’s” page as a referral address … and one think `Oh, I’ll click through straight from here and see what joe’s up to’ … and if joe has an AllSeeingEye too, then Joe can click back through that link address that is left and sees ones stats page.
This is not a huge issue, but if we all wanted others to see our stats page, then we’d probably stick a link to them in our “felafel blogrolls”. ;^)

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