“Highly Illogical”

Woke with a headache so decided not to go to uni. It wasn’t the cause of any excess. Was just feeling a bit crap. Going to have to get an extension on one of those assignments. Much more procrasto yesterday. Having trouble with the comms one — one of the readings for it is absolute bullshit. One of the things that bugs me most about academia is the continual misuse of the word and concept; communism. It’s Stalinism ya dingleberries. And they way they twist Marx’s writings around – he’d have a complete modern-day Freak Out if he were alive to read it all.
So trying to decode this crap and attempt to make any sense out of it is – obviously – headache-inducing.

Schnaffled Mozilla 1.1beta the other day. My impressed-edness grows with with each release. It’s rendering graphics much faster now, and from my unscientific point of view, is loading pages nearly as fast as Opera. That was the no. 1 issue I had with it, I reckon I can live with the other little differences (like the `adding a bookmark’ procedure is a little more laborious than opera’s. But that’s just me – i like to have my bookmarks all neatly organised.)
&nbsp&nbsp Also, For some reason the 1.0 release plugin installer wouldn’t work properly for me, but the new version’s does.
So now I’m going to be multi-threading my brain for dual browsing with both of them .

And the `neat little app. of the week’ award goes to KSETIwatch, which makes ditributed computing a whole lot funner.

There’s fun brewing at the Core Wiki – it kind of reminds me of a `choose yer own adventure story’ and the best bit is that it’s all anonymous.

Matt the wholelottanothing guy has a very funny Leonard Nimoy .MP3, `Highly Illogical’, posted for d/load on his page (scroll til you see the pics of Spock).
I remember many years ago hearing Billy Baxter playing one of the Nimoy tracks on the `Cracked Platters’ segment of Coulddabeenchampions. It was a cover of something like `walk on the wildside’.

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