raw power

That’s what spring is. It’s just starting. I can hear the bees humming around the new wattle flowers. Explosions of growth and reproduction all over the joint. i think spring is my fave season – full of potential. In ascent.

Jean got the new Ka yesterday. She refuses to pose for a foto leaning against the driver’s side door of it with arms crossed as in the classic “I just got my car” statement. I have not asked when I can drive it yet. Think I’ll be able to get a better attitude happening re: learning how to drive in it; its boundaries are closer to where me finishes and car starts – and car ends – and potential obstacles start. It can’t imagine that it’ll be much harder than walking.

I think the man at Computer sores is avoiding me. He’s supposed to be getting me a HP kamera, but “wasn’t there” on friday, and “was sick” on saturday.

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