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Y’know I think I’m a pretty tough cookie to please sometimes. The impression I get of myself is that I tend to do a lot of poo-pooing of people places and things. i don’t know if this is true or not – that’s the problem of self-perception and objectivity/subjectivity.

But right now i have to say that I’m pretty pleased with these two subjects teKnoKulcha and communication studies that am doing at uni. They fit in together like jigsaw bits. one week we’re looking at technological determinism>The Coming Spike by Damien Broderick. (there’s a little bit from a revised version here – we got to read more for class of a 1997 version — I’d love to scan it in, but this is probably the type of thing i need permission for, particularly considering he’s only in melbourne — with that kind of proximity he could send killer robot after me.)

So – it’s very interesting – his forcasts on computer processing power and how it’s on an ascent and will be climbing more and more steeply til (if it were a graph) the line would be basically going straight up and sometime between 2030 and 2100 we hit a point beyond which it’s impossible to guess what society will be like because full equivelent to human thinking AI will be a real thing.
Ah … there’s a lot of stuff in that piece – and it’s hard to re-tell and do it properly.

name: tony
date: 2002-08-16-01-12
Permission to copy…NO. As long as you’re copying it for personal use it’s not a problem. So what if you quote someone on the the web. They should be pleased that you think their words are worthy of being reproduced on your blog!!

nb. i am pissed and anything i say at this time of night may be held against me.
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name: yak sox
date: 2002-08-16-08-42
Haha – the great disinhibitor.
Yes, it bugs me how touchy people get about copyright (a la the whole `for Dummies dummy etc.)
O’Reilly often wack a chapter of their books online as a taster – i think it works well.

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