fankful for fink

After several mornings of moaning at the door as the postie came and went i got a little satisfaction. Not through biting him on the leg but from getting hold of the sept. edition of pc world mag.

They got a bit on fink which is a project to port Linux apps to OS X. And let’s face it, if you just bought a new apple, then chances are you’re not going to have oodles of cash left lying around to spend on 3rd party apps.
It uses the Debian style ‘apt: get’ mechanism for downloading new packages, which is a good idea … considering. Seems like they’ve got a fair amount of stuff ported too — KDE 3, xmms, enlightenment, fluxbox … you name it.
I don’t know if I’d try setting it up here. At least not til the next thing – which is networking Juggernaut and Blooey. The apple’s modem is retarded and would do much better running through here.

Also – the pc world disk had Gnome 2.0 on it — and I didn’t realise that it could run alongside Gnome 1.4 (infact they recommend it). Ripping one out and attempting to compile 56 packages in the right order while making sure all the dependencies are sorted is the kind of thing only to be attempted when there’s a week spare.
But this has a compiler tool as well. If it doesn’t have something then (provided you’re online) it’ll just grab it as it chugs along though the configure/make and install process. Which is what it’s doing right now! Cool.

Tony mentions that there was an article in one of the Fairfax papers about blogging today. I just found another at south china morning post via blogroots. It mentions China’s censorship of the net, which is good because I need to reference it for this assignment.

name: anti-fsck
date: 2002-08-20-01-09
jenny sinclair’s piece , blogged at her website: somewhere. it renders abysmally in galeon.
soz, followed your link from sirflakey’s bird post at

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