o terrible procrastination

It’s that time before real things get done, the time where i wish zen master yak sox would come out brandishing the slightly curved sword and cleave through my inertia in one no-think action.
Normal yak sox thinks this is a great time to fix up the links list or have a little nap or go for a walk or do washing.
Today at school I had to try and prove the existance of god. I think i did. There’s one dead shit in that class who thinks just because he’s at uni he can say any crap and think that it’s reasonable, like, `what’s the difference between god and this apple?’. Just because a question sounds abstract doesn’t make it intelligent or worth saying. This is the same person who the week before derailed the whole class with the equally stupid and pointless question, `does this table really exist?’. maybe he should just smoke some more grass or drop some more trips, blow out completely, not show up and do us *all* a favour. Hahaha.
Perhaps that’s a little harsh, but if I hear the “is this table…” question being trotted out once more this semester there’s gonna be capital-T Trouble.

Heard the N.Cave & the bad seeds song `Papa won’t leave you Henry’ on the way in. There’s lines in it that seem wholly appropriate right now. Something like, “Where I live it’s the rainy season…
Entire towns being washed away…
dah dah dah dah dah etc etc. – I forget the rest. Its’s raining heaps. Yet there’s fires in NSW. Go figure. Probably better now than in the height of summer.

Was thinking that ”Hangable Auto Bulb“ would be a great name for a blog. Am a tad restless with ”Spouting.” Sounds too self-explanatory. I really should spout more too.

Have been thinking a bit about how this divide between the technological haves and have-nots could be reversed. Mainly from the angle of software. I was thinking that each country’s govt. should assign a group of people to work on GNU/GPL software to benifet all people. The amount of people working on it wouuld be in proportion to the country’s population and GDP and the population would decide what kind of apps would be worthwhile. Very Kommunista, I know, but that’s me.

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