there’s never a good title for a monday

Will be grinding my little axe lots in the next couple of weeks due to a couple of assignment due dates fast approaching. It bugs me a bit that I can’t spend more time mucking around on here.

They bought the story that i didn’t know what i was doing re: OS compatibility and the camera. Can only get store credit though – so the guy’s going to see what he can do getting a der digital photokamera – HP photosmart C120 (which I had quite a hard time finding any decent info about online) and which doesn’t quite offer the same amount of elusstrious “bang-for-buck”, but at least is compatible with OS X, and eventually a driver’ll be written for Linux — and it looks like woodnose95 is goood for nothing these days.

And jean did indeed get a new car on the weekend, which is pretty amazing. It’s green and not here yet. car salesmen aren’t all that bad… well some of them aren’t.

Statisitics (SSS-duh-diss-dix) in psychology is bending my brain a bit at the moment, but I think I’m doing better than some of the other kids – such as my buddy J.F. Sebastian and I were queueing up to get a coffee after the lecture this morning, he gave me his money asked me to buy it, walked off … and never came back! After three quarters of an hour I decided to drink his coffee too and was well-primed for the day ahead.

Have been thinking more about applying to volunteer to help out with the DMoz open directory project – I’d like to edit one or two of the letters of the web logs section – just x, y, z – or something like that. Still a way away though – am busy and all. Want to spend a bit longer checking out more places where journals and blogs hide.

Oh yeah – and I finally am being updated on the aussie- blogs updater thingy again which is a small bonus. Small bonuses shall be henceforth known as boniods (bone – oyds).
And am getting the odd vistitor trickling through from the Spouting (holiday-shack space) – and I can’t figure out how they’re arriving there… if you’re out there strangers, say. Used to have the Read Onlys there, formerly titled `Drunk On The Blood Of Tourists’ (which I still like the name … just gotta find appropriate content to go with it)

There was a kangaroo standing outside the kitchen window looking at me this morning first thing as I was about to get the coffee going. This kind of thing is fast becoming `not-news’ to me. Was a tad unnerving. i was looking at it for a whole minute before i realised there was another behind it, eating – it just blended in – looked like an old dead tree stump. That’s what tens of thousands of years of working on environment colour-co-ordination gets you.

Another fully-fledged bonus was finding my hat again this morning right where I’d hoped it’d be! A good thing. Was starting to think I’d get cranial stress fractures from going from heated indoors to frosty outdoors. Mum said it was snowing at Beech-Forest in the Otways today. Insane coldness.

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