“… a new car!!”

The propect of a new digital camera is enough to distract me from the real things in life, but jean is thinking of getting a new car. It’s not like she’s a huge consumer or anything – this is probably well overdue. So this might happen on the weekend. we’re going over the other side of the bay to visit her family – he dad is good at wrangling deals, which is good – because that’s not my area *at all*. I can’t help but see bad things when i see car sales-people.
So here’s a picture of proposed wheeled transport: [ image corrupted ]
And here’s what they look like all squishied up:
[ image corrupted ]
Haha – I couldn’t help it — it was there.
The first time I saw a Ka – I thought man they’d be fun to demolition derby with – especially with guns attatched. i particularly like the models that have the black rubber on the corners – they look like escaped dodgem cars.

I accidentally left my hat at school yesterday – am cold on the head. Where is the 19C degrees i was promised?

Here’s something neat to add your blog to if you have the `syndication’ option available: bloghog.

Watched this show `24′ last night. Was pretty good i thought – interesting concept – worked for the most part. i’m wondering when these people are going to get any sleep. they were cutting the shot into sections now and then – probably would look good on wide screen but lost effect on normal telly, and wasn’t really adding any information.

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