“We are a little worried about our landlord” and more

What impresses me about the internet (and google) is how I can find something as obscure as the “we are a little worried about our landlord” poster. It’s funny – the little fragments of sentences that come up by tapping `little, worried, about, landlord’ into google. It’s funny how that phrase “a little worried” and the word “landlord” get coupled.
Anyway, my old tribe in Northcote – in a house where I used to live – we had this on the wall for a while. gorgeously Orwellian. And the phrase and image have stuck in my head and pop up sometimes. The pic to the left sadly doesn’t bring out the greys too well but it’s fantastically better than nothing.

Yesterday i spilt a coffee in a lecture theatre. It partly went on me, somehow hit my books in my backpack and a larger amount hit the floor; partly carpeted, mostly wood. The lecturer didn’t say anything, but I got a bit flustered. At least these days I can have a laugh at my own mishaps – and surprisingly soon after they happen.
i cleaned it up but smelled like a long black for the rest of the day.

Had my ‘bot presentation this morning. Bored ’em to tears. Hhaha! Teacher had to give me the wind up when I started raving about the GPL. When I mentioned it and was explaining about how different it is to copyright, this geeky lookin’ boy down the front nodded. There’s always someone out there that’ll undertand you.

Possibility of getting digital camera not looking as good — I knew that’d happen as soon as I mentioned that it would.

Felt very much like going into hibernation last night – despite the fact that I say the days are getting longer. It’s like staying up most of the night and it feeling fine and normal and then just as the sun starts to get near, feeling this overwhelming need to sleep. It’s either like that — or self was groaning at the prospect of getting into the mechanics of doing homework again.

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