Thunderbirds are go

Eventhough my debts are blowing out worse than argentina’s at the moment everything looks good for getting a digital camera on friday! Actually – the debt thing isn’t that bad – but when you don’t have much to start with, going a bit further backward looks significant. i got austerity measures werked out though.
Wisely or unwisely (I don’t know yet) – I’ve decided we’ll go for the greaest Bang-for-Buck equation – the BenQ DC1300. Benq was formerly an arm of Acer, but was chopped off for some reason.
i am a tad unsure about its compatibility. The specs sheet only says W98, 2000 and XP. i just installed the latest version of Gphoto (Linux digital camera hookup software) but no mention of this camera in what it reconises. Actually, i think it’d be only flukey if it was recognised under Linux at this point in time.
OS 9.2 or OS X are a better bet. I’m hoping that for some reason they just neglected to put it on the specs sheet. Afterall – it’s a rare company that goes out of their way to see if their product will operate with Linux, but generally they look at apple. failing that – I’m punting that it’d work with woodnose95. my guess is the only reason it wasn’t included on the specs sheet is because 95 “doesn’t have USB support.
But this copy I have does – it even says it on the CD. And the apple pro (USB) keyboard operates fine under it.
Rather cold and wet here right now but at least the days are getting longer.
Why is it that eddy maguire always seems to be responsible for screwing up my television viewing schedule?

name: tony
date: 2002-08-08-01-12
Eddie’s time is nigh. He is about to reach the televisual equivalent of 100% relative humidity.

I have no idea what that means
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name: yak sox
date: 2002-08-08-13-56
haha – yes. I’ve been thinking of writiing a little bit about how practicing evil affects the way people look. Over the years bill Gates has become more evil looking. Same with Mike Monroe.

haven’t been observing Maguire long enough to say if he’s affected too – but it’s pretty likely with all the Collingwood manouvering etc.

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