kill, crush, destroy etc.

I was just casting my beady little eyes over a new Dick Smith catalogue – and what do we have – four `robot books’; `Robot builder’s bonanza’, `Build a remote controlled robot’, `Robots, androids and animatrons 2′, and `Build your own combat robot’.
Nevermind the fact that really all these things are is remote controlled cars with a pincer stuck on – the thing is the pincer is now there. Kids aren’t content with racing, or plain old peaceful flying an rc plane — it’s gotta be able to destroy the other kid’s one too.
That guy from red dwarf has got a lot to answer for.
I dunno i dunno – am trying not to judge, am trying not to sound past it. But it’s definitely a shift. I s’pose toys in that techy end of the spectrum are more interactive now. It still allows for imagination … i think. Lego has been going that way for quite a while too.
Jeremiah just mentioned blogtree – a geneology of blogs, (which i also saw on blog roots yesterday(?)(which I’m finding to be a really inneresting site, I should stick it on the right)). And funnily enough – it was jeremiah newbie who was a big inspiritaion for me to start some type of journal – perhaps a little over a year ago. Admittedly, my efforts were very much still crawling out of the premordial blog-swamp then (usually just mutterings about Linux; “grr, having problems” and Telstra: “grr, download limits – double-grr”.
I can’t think of any other blogs that had an impression on me. So if Jeremiah regesters on it, I will.
Have occasionally caught myself glancing furtively at keyboards lately.
Was in the credit union today and noticed that their terminals are the same type as in the civic library. Last week at the library was tapping something into the catalogue and “hey wow, this is a nice feeling keyboard! Nice amount of pressure/spring in the keys…” I bent down to take a look at what kind of connection it had in the back and noticed one of the librarians looking at me so withdrew. (but it was kinda like a phone connection)
These are fairly old looking terminals and was tempted to say – hey if you’re ever gonna chuck these out gimme a yell — but I get the feeling they’re quite happy with them — probably because they’re really solid.
Kind of looked (and I’m guessing are) very much like the happy hacker keyboard – about which everything looks good except the price.

i really should stop complaining about the price of things. Or start up a “bottom-feeder’s guide to computering”.
–Speaking of everything linux – they’ve got debian 3 available for pre-order: 7CDs for only twenty five bucks. That’s mighty tempting…. I wonder if their install process has been made any easier….?

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