a little romp through sourceforge

turned up a couple of things – Quanta version 3.0pr-1 has been released. While the 2 version was working with KDE3 I’m glad they finally caught up. What is even better is that it compiled no problem. In the past I’ve found it to be one of the touchiest apps to deal with dependency issues. I’ve been using it a bit lately and it’s holding up well.

Also kmyirc is a great idea, even if still very alpha currently. Personally i find all the IRC interfaces out there at the moment to be clunky and over complicated and just plain bad looking. The only exception was the Ximian thing, `Monkeytalk’, which was more-or-less just meant for getting Ximian help from other monkeys.
Kmyirc cuts out a lot of those IRC `features’ – the kind of things I’d never use. I wish their project speediness.
Some unfinished business – the Primal Scream website is worth checking. So many band sites use Flash – but this one is not bad.

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