“mr. Magpie”

is wrong right from the start. I’m pretty sure it’s mrs. or ms. — probably ms. – (magpies aren’t ceremonious about their getting togethers) because is often seen hanging out with junior. And if it was the boy magpie that looked after the young, i would’ve heard about it.
Mr. rolls off the toungue nicer than ms. There’s some kind of superstition about saying `goodmorning mr.magpie’.
I used to be not a big fan of magpies – in west geelong i was swooped on more than one occasion. The traffic and cramptness gets to them like the rest of us. But here i’ve never been swooped.
They don’t seem as arrogant either – still the same jerky struttin’ walk. There’s always some place to be going when you’re a magpie. Sometimes in the morning they’ll stand on the verandah ledge (as seen left) but instead of saying `hey, gimme some cream cheese’ – they’ll just chortle away like fishmongers about nothing – about it being morning. Really loudly too – right outside bedroom window. I’ll go and stand out there next to them, ask them what’s happening, but they don’t listen.

i don’t speak magpie but once got close – magpie and junior were out the back, I was out there having a cig. and junior made this higher pitched adolescent noise – and i must have had the right amount of phlegm in my throat becasue when i imitated it’s noise i hit the right pitch, and it sounded very similar. junior took a few steps closer toward me and repeated itself with a questioning tone right at me. mr.Doolittle eat yer heart out.
May be not arrogant, but surly or plucky. they sometimes hang out outside the window — and they make it look like they’re looking for worms, but I know they just wanna see what I’m doing.

So the magpies are my storm troopers. They scout the backyard picking through the wreckage and looking for signs of droids. Sometimes i tell jean that i’ll sick them on to her, but i am yet to follow through on this.

This site is worth a look for some more magpie fotos and info.

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