card tricks & calculators

The sss-duh-diss-dix was easier than I thought it’d be. As they say `I am the operator with my pocket calulator’ (which, grammatically just don’t sound right to me, but anyway). I was pleased to follow all the little formulas, tap in the numbers (plug them in, as the textbook so funkily says) finish with a bunch more numbers that made little sense to me — and then check on the net — and had actually got them right. Amazing. i was terrible at maths in high school. i thought this legacy would follow me. But no — now i’m learning statistics, and getting a free tour of greek too: hmmm – it seemss I can’t easily reproduce these symbols on the spot … will look into it .. I think Amaya is good for that. There’s a `u’ with a bit hanging off it, an `o’ with a whacked out hairstyle – there’s lots of ’em.

unfortunately because of the schedule, there’s no time to dwell on what we’re actually doing – it’s just follow the recipes and keep the questions to a minimum. And frankly I’m sceptical about how much statistics actually get used in real life pschology practice. i get the feeling it’s tacked on to try and attempt to keep up some scientific aura, and when they really do need numbers crunched they either pull out the Excel, or get in a real statistician.

It reminds me of when i was a kid and out of some book I learnt this card trick. You’d ask the person to pick out a card, remember it then put it back in, then there was the whole series of manouvres, and somehow i’d end up with the card the person had. i didn’t understand how it worked, it just did. And then I forgot how to do it. That’s what stats reminds me of.


homework action – that is. woohoo. Mountains and Mountains of statistics today, downtown freebasing/creative writing tomorrow and the blow by blow action replay on sunday (ie. i have to explian what i’m writing). Jean’s gone to her folks’ place for the weekend and Fadda’s day.
And it’s definitely not sunny today so I don’t know if I’ll be getting out to snap up some fotos of the joint. It’s occurred to me that i really don’t have a photographic eye either. Of course it can be developed, but looking back at the holiday fotos, they’re kinda boring.

Already thinking about what i’d like to do once the uni year finishes – O for some free time! Want to become a master of the GIMP (the GNU image manipulation program) — I know there’s a lot in there that I don’t know about it and there’s a long manual i’d like to read. Also would like to spend some time getting to know the OS X system. I’m sure that the only reason why it bugs me at the moment is because i haven’t spent enough time getting familiar with it.

Via the O’reilly weblogs, found this page, which is chokkas full of futuristic theory and opinion. i wish I had the time to read it, but don’t so this here is a bookmark.

Ended up watching Seinfeld last night because Frasier wasn’t on. (Did tv always rerun shows as much as this? Were people watching `The HoneyMooners’ for five years constantly after it’d finished?) So eventhough i know the seinfeld ep.s well, (just the other week I was thinking of that costanza line, “What was my father doing with a man in a cape? What was a man in a cape doing with my father?”) it was still good to see. Was reminded of how well it’s written – almost every line comes off a winner. A combination of the writing and the acting i suppose. They really stuffed a lot into 22 minutes, compared to Frasier and even The Simpsons. There’s something to be said for the phrase, `leave ’em wanting more’ — the simpsons is pretty much beyond that point.

Also: it seems all is not well between Red Hat and KDE: article here. Is in terribly bad form of Red Hat to screw with kde, thinking that it’ll get more people using Gnome — on their next release (RH 8.0(?)). if they do cripple kde, then i think I’ll have to take another look at SuSE.

another quickie

because, like tony I really am pressed for time, what with all the school work.
I really like some of Rasterman‘s photos – particularly the ones of Mt.Fuji.

Yoshi’s black n’ white seems to have disappeared. i was going to link him on the subject of the ABC show, dimensions (aka `dementias’) – with `Uncle George’ Negus. Yoshi mentioned it a while back – an episode that had a couple of car designers on it -(I saw that one too) — but anyway – the wednesday night episode is all about The Future. They seem to interview a lot of “Futurists” — what the hell is that? — what do ya gotta do to be one? — I wanna be one.
Tonight’s ep was about living spaces – accommodation – lots of skyscrapers – not really my idea of a party. All very interesting though. each wednesday is about future stuff – worth catching.
I really think that instead of the little funny multi-coloured set that they stick george in — they should have him in a tool shed! Cut from the end of a story to Unkie George Negus sitting in his tool shed, whittling. George reels off a few (previous) story related puns then introes the next one. And just to keep things in character, George should poo-poo most of the great new ideas that come out of the stories.
“Riding around town on a personal hoverboard?! Not me thanks.”
Ah! – here we go – the general dimensions page (featuring Unkie George!) and the page for future dimensions.

name: SirFlakey
date: 2002-08-30-10-10
You know what – I think I saw negus last night in my local restaurant (Bistro Niche, Neutral Bay, good stuff). As for futurists – wired had a big spiel about one not that long ago .. can’t find the link ..but I found *this*
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name: yak sox
date: 2002-08-30-12-01
Wired has some interesting stuff — there’s a couple of articles on the Apple Newton there at the moment.

something new everyday

Or – probably more acurately – something new each couple of days. Yesterday i learned that via google you can find out who and what is linking to your website by tapping in: . i always thought you’d have to install a special script to find that kind of thing out. And of course – it’s only updated each couple of months like the rest of google stuff.
i’m really curious as to how search engines work at the moment. Do they index everything on the site or once they get to a certain point of a page (like if it’s really long0 say – `okay, that’s enough, onto the next one’. ? Hmm…

snap happy

Finally got the digital camera situation all sorted. We picked up the HP C120 photosmart. The lad at “ComputerSores” forgot to order it for a few days – then did – and said that it’d be an extra fifty – coming to a grand total of 300 bucks for a 1megapixel digital camera. I was reluctantly going to accept this, eventhough we’d seen that model on sale at dick smiths and officewerks and `the goodguys’ and just about every other place you can think of – for 270bucks.

I’m not a haggler. for some reason I can’t explain – I find the whole process is wrong. If a retailer offers something at an inflated price – then this means they have no integrity or honour, but rather than tell them this, I’ll just not deal with them again. remind me to stick a pic of an Edoan from star trek TOS on here – that’s what they’re like in business. ug – am rambling.
Anyway – jean got on the phone and sez to this nerd, we’ve seen it advertised at this price, can’t you give it to us for that? And, bugger me, – he could. i thought because they technically already had 250bucks of the cash – all I got was a store voucher – that they’d never do it.

So it hooked up straight away to the OS X machine, but not jugger – there’s a chance that with a bit of fiddling I can get the HP C120 photosmart happening under Linux. The linux hardware database has some encouraging stories.
Hopefully this weekend I’ll get a chance to go for a walk and get some images.

The Advaita Vedanta talk didn’t go so good. Probably should spent longer gettin the info together.
They make salt and vinegar chips too strong these days.

good golly miss molly

I thought three or four visits relating to uhm .. that umentionable chef was a lot – 49 visits! yesterday – most of which were from search engines for that same…(and one for “a poem with rhythm about mothers” teehee) yet no comments no emails no signings of guestbook … and no writs. Oh well. This is the last time I’ll mention visitor numbers. It’s a relatively new thing to me, and (judjing by my reaction to it0 i don’t normally get a lot of traffic.

i honestly didn’t think that show would last into a second season. And, although I don’t have a control group, it’s interesting that people are using the `new media’ to look up the `old’ media.
The other thing is that perhaps there’s room out there for a tv critic blog. i know quite a few australian blogger mention tv in passing, but this would want to be a specific thing. This is also where the whole `being paid to blog’ angle comes in too. The networks should hire someone – or set it in a job’s job description.
But don’t look at me, most stuff on telly get me muttering curses and a-throwing hexes at the whole system.

Anyway – I’ve got so much homework, if I stayed to prophesise any longer I’d be done for, he says and sighs.

spouting from gaol?

Oh dear. I know this kind of navel gazing is neither entertaining or informative, but in the last three days i’ve received 3 surprise chef related visits from google and yahoo, because of this bit. It’s a slippery line between fair criticism and defamation, and i think that at best i’m sprawled half on either side. i should point out that it was the evil yak sox that wrote it, not me. [Mental note from evil self: get him back for the scapegoating.]

Aphex Twin

This guy was always going to make it to the `rockin’ out with’ list. It was just a matter of hitting a week where nothing else came up.

There’s a funny little interview here. Radiohead (adored by The Kids, respected by the Establishment (and I think they’re okay too)) have come out and said that a lot of the Kid A and Amnesiac albums were aphex twin inspired. The interviewer here asks aphex twin if he likes Radiohead, would he ever play with them?
“No. I wouldn’t play with them since I don’t like them. It’s hard enough to go on tour with a band you like and see them play the same songs every night. It’s even worst if you don’t even like them.”
Haha – ya gotta love that honesty.
I dig pretty much all his stuff i’ve heard. About six or seven years ago there was a radio show on PBS FM called Interzone. Once they did an aphex twin special which I taped. There was this one track that had a little kid syaing “mashed potatoes” through out it, and what sounded like a guy – saying “Mashed potatoes. Why do you say mashed potatoes?” Kinda break-beaty sound ot it. I never found out what it was called and haven’t heard it again since.
The other lost thing is was a EP some friends had but lost, something like “The Mike Flowers Pops Meets The Aphex Twin” — remixes of mike flowers tracks. That was so quirky and groovy.
So, don’t feel inhibited to jump on the networks and download some aphex twin stuff, he’s made plenty of dough and drives around the back roads of England’s south in an army surplus armoured car (the kind that looks like a tank but without a turret) on his days off.

Hammin’ it up at the downtown freebase connection

My “blog daddy”, jeremiah newbie, seems to be in limbo right now. Halfway between and I hope things are going smoothly – I know it’s no fun being of the air. It took me a while to figure out the name. Interestingly, there actually is a, although it seems wasted due to the content – and that stoopid purple monkey. And (Attention Kiwis) tripledoubleewe is still vacant.

So, anyway – I said I had no idea about this story… This morning I wake at the normal weekday time of quarter to seven, which is unfortunate – but what can ya do? — and one of the first thhing I think is that I’ve got this thing to write — and then within 5 minutes I get a full idea. HAL – ah – loo – Jah!
Reckon I’ll even get the opportunity to thread in the Kraftwerk line `She’s posing for consumer products now and then’, from the relatively well known, `The Model’.
I can’t claim that it’s going to be 100% original, but everything’s derivative now. If music was where writing was then it’d be totally recycled beats and snippets of old stuff. In fact, right now it’s kinda leaning heavily on this bit at the other night while I was waiting for a bunch of red hat updates to come through. iain m banks – i’ve seen the name around before – never read any. Sounded pretty inneresting.
I better get down on it now before the idea fades.


Oooo! I’ve known that it’s been RRR‘s annual radiothon happening for a week now (with 3 days left) but I hadn’t heard what the major prizes are. The major prizes are: a flat panel 700 iMac, among other things and if you’re a business, (and take out a business subscription) then among other things that could be possibly won are a Handspring Treo and a business server running Linux. Hhmmm – maybe I’ll have to subscribe as Dashboards Incorporated.