Just spent a couple of hours in the woodnose95 partition using the scanner to scoop some fotos up, and to OCR my last Internatioonal Relations essay. The Caraere (can’t remember the correct spelling) OCR (I think it stands for Optical Character Recognition ) software needed registering online — so quickly jumped on to do so. While on, also checked how this page was looking in Internet Explorer — and Botheration! It’s outta wack.
I was pretty sure if it was fine in Moz, then IE would’ve followed. I’m stumped now. The banner pic is about 20pixels longer than the body. I suppose there’s a chance it might be something to do with the GIMP.
I’m really reluctant to go back to the old style Tables format, but I’m pretty sure it’d fix it. May have to have a look at the CSS table format.

Was nice to take a little trip down Memory Lane, but not too many of the older fotos are going here. Not yet at least.
A follow up on the Real situation: Here’s part of what they wrote back, which basically amounts to nothing. For all I know, this `Steve’ is a bot.

Thanks for contacting RealNetworks Technical Support.

My name is Steve. I am a RealNetworks Support Engineer and will be interacting with you on the problem you are reporting.
I apologize for the difficulty you have experienced.
I understand that you would like to know why a version of RealPlayer is not available for linux. Kindly go through the following article.

— It then goes on to refer me to the same crap on their website.

Real? = real lousy

All i wanted to do was watch Nasa TV. Sometimes i like to do this in the afternoon when i’m online. All the Nasa graveyard shift are sitting there with their backs to the camera, doin stuff at their workstations … and I’m sitting here at my workstation (well, it’s a computer) and it kinda makes me feel like i’m doing something. Anyway, for some reason this arvo they’re off the air – must be something big going down.

Of course, this isn’t Real’s fault, but i’d like to know why they can’t be bothered making a version of their new realOne Player for us Linux users. What’s their problem??
I’m going to get to the bottom of this. Just sent this email:

Dear real people,
I am writing to complain about yoou not making a version of RealOne for linux.
Why is this so?
We are people too.
Yours Sincerely, yak sox

Two days was all I could hack of using Mozilla. It’s still a respectable browser, and i think I’ll be using it when making changes to the layout of Spouting, but I think Opera is superior.
About mozilla, I like the fact that the viewing area is bigger, and this theme Orbit (also seen below in the screenshot) is nice.
But I don’t see why they couldn’t have provided an option to make opening a new tab in the same browser window. I’d never get used to right-clicking and selecting an option everytime I went to click a link.
Eventhough they have mouse gestures, i can’t do them well – it’s a series of feats in manual dexterity just to go back one window. I know it’s just a right-click and select back – but that “select-back” is more effort than I’M. willing to go to.
The adding and managing of bookmarks is no-where near as quick and simple as with Opera.
Moz has a whole bunch of other adequate bits like html-composer, email client, irc client — but i already have favourite apps that cover those tasks. I don’t need them.
And last and most definitely not least is that Moz is slower to render pages than opera. half of the time this might not matter, but add the situation of D/loading something in the background and it can be maddening. Other times it’s just maddening, even without a download.
Moz will be my no.1 backup browser but no more than that.

name: yoshi
email: phony@s0ya.com
url: www.s0ya.com/ftuftp/yinyang/index¬Ö
date: 2002-07-18-23-15
“But I don’t see why they couldn’t have provided an option to make opening a new tab in the same browser window. I’d never get used to right-clicking and selecting an option everytime I went to click a link.”
There is an option to make the middle mouse-button open links in a new tab, I have it set to this and I agree on that 2-step nonesense being a bother. Check your mozilla options, i think it is in Advanced -> Tabbing.
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name: yak sox
url: http://
date: 2002-07-19-15-08
hiya yoshi — there was one option in `Tabbed browsing’ which i didn’t have enabled = open windows in background. I’ll give that a shot.
I was probably a bit harsh on moz — i still use it heaps – it open on desktop 4 and Opera on DT3. i use Moz for school stuff and posting on here. The password manager’s is handy for uni and it seems to cut n’ paste better than Opera.

By the way – i dig your site. :^) You should get SF to add it to the list on CORE~!

Alright! uni auctions.

I’ve been wondering when this would come up. Last year gene was enrolled at uni and I wasn’t. She’d get these emails saying that the uni IT deptartment was having these “silent auctions” with all this old hardware. I got to thinking that I’d have to enrol to get in on this, obtaining a degree as an adjunct.

Anyway – so far – this year the only emails I’d received were from the CHICAMP (whatever the hell that is) and the student union which get canned straight away.
There’s an auction on later this week. The idea is you bid for stuff by writing an amount down, sticking it in an envelope andd then they open all the envelopes and if yours iss the highest bid, you win! … Well not win, but you know what I mean.

Most of the stuff is still junk – audiovisual like:
G113 Marantz Superscope Cassette Recorder C-330 Unknown –and—
G104 SonyVCR-16B Film camera attachment Unknown

“unknown” means they dunno if it’s working or not. But there’s also these babies:

G190 Computer CPU Pentium 100 with CDROM Working
G191 Computer CPU Pentium 100 Working
G192 Computer CPU Pentium 100 Working
G193 Computer CPU Pentium 100 with CDROM Working
G194 Computer CPU Pentium 100 with CDROM Working
G195 Computer CPU Pentium 100 with CDROM Working

Which of course could be really trashy, but I’m gonna go inna town on friday and have alook. i wouldn’t picking one up and think 40 bucks should do it. hardly anyone hears about these things since they’re only publicised through uni internally and who else is going to want a P100?
If it’s got all the bits it’s a goer i reckon. Would be fun to muck around with wacky distributions without endangering the Juggernaut setup. Plus could have a go at networking.

app of the day awards

Well, you might’ve noticed a little resizing going on here lately. I’ve been thinking long and hard and have decided to hell with what few 600×460 res. users there are out there. This probably isn’t the Proper attitude to take, I don’t know — indecisive bastard aren’t I?
To get things sorted I’ve been using a neat little app named KRuler. Here’s a clicky to the Juggernaut Datamachine’s desktop. [ image lost ]
So there you see it sitting on top of Mozilla, and measuring Core. It’s a lot of fun; like walking down the street, seeing someone and thinking, “geez, they’re tall” and having a ruler flash up in front of your eyes Terminator style so you can measure them.
It measures in pixels, can be folded out to different lengths, and can be turned in different directions.
I’m trying to motivate myself to spend a week only using Mozilla so I can really get to know it and judge it’s goodness comapred to Opera better. Habit is hard to change though and this morning i automatically went to open Opera. We’ll see how it goes.

typeface trawl etc.

[Note on previous post] – I clarify that the Russian police robots are in no way connected with Kraftwerk, who are German in origin. You may have noticed that my posts jump from one topic to the next — from here on in topic seperation will be as is at the end of this para.
Have just been on a short search for some .TTFs, not necessary but desired after the last disk formatting. But i don’t think I’m in the right frame of mind for it – short on sleep means low on tolerance — pop ups get annoying (when don’t they? When do you ever hear the word `pop-ups’ without `annoying’ before it?) and all the titles seems stoopid. It’s a quagmire of faddishness.
By far the best site is Burodestruct which has no pop-ups … but does have this shockwave typewriter sound-effect which ain’t so bad, and in fact blended nicely with the Boards of Canada tracks i am listening to.
That’s one thing I like about electronic music; when your living in the city the noises of sirens and car alarms blend into it and don’t seem as offensive.
Yes, so yak sox was “Home Alone” last night and used the excuse to stay up til 4:30, which was kinda fun and the site is slowly coming together. I got a little scared – as Grover would say, my imagination ran away with me – and i started thinking about some of those scary stories I read on K5 one night, particularly this one … ah – anyway, i can’t get a link to the specific post otherwise I would.
My tip for the CART race in toronto tomorrow: Kenny brack – a long shot for sure, but he’s gotta settle down sometime, and Little Napoleon’s winning streak has to finish sometime, and hopefully Vasser can uncurse himself … and the ice cream wagon crashes.
Think for tomorrow’s post i’ll do a piece on which CART team is the least evil (sponsorship-wise).

We are the robots

I got a feeling that technoculture is going to be an underlying theme to the next few months. It’s one of the subjects I’m studying this semester and am lookin’ forward to it.
Am thinking a lot about the phrase “We are the robots”, and as you’ll soon notice, am paying homage to Kraftwerk, who were decades ahead of their time.

Now, i don’t want to freak you all out (and admittedly, my russian is a bit rusty) but these men are robots.robots.jpg
It says so on this website. I’ll translate from the site; “We were constructed during the 1950s by scientists for the KGB … Since the fall of `communism’ we have got jobs with the Moscow Police Deptartment and are living in a flat like regular people. Our names are Ivan and Goreshky. We hope you like our homepage.”

Apparently their favorite movie is `Lenningrad Cowboys Go America’, and on their days off like to go out for coloured drinks.best.jpg

Anyway, my knowledge of the russian language has occasionally let me down in the past, but it’s great to see the robots getting on with life and finding some meaning in the civilian world.
I was thinking a bit more about that article about books that I mentioned yesterday. Okay, so de Botton isn’t such a bastard, even if he is trying to steal my girlfriend. One of the things he mentioned was how we jump quickly from one book to the next, without really absorbing them completely, and that this is a result of there being *so many* books out there, and wanting to get through as many as possible before dying. Adding to that – that it’d be good if we could really get to know 3 or 4 books *really* well over our lifetimes.

I get the same thing with websites, but even more so. When was the last time that you stayed still to really look at a page: the colour, placement, and think and double-think about what was written on it. Then move onto its second page – and so on. For me – hardly ever. There’s a thing about the net and computers to want to keep moving – and that this *isn’t* a book — there should be things dancing around in front of me!
The same can be said about writing into the web. It’s all temporary, throw-away — including this — maybe.

I have to go now, someone is video-taping me in my spaceship.

name: yak sox
email: yaksmail@tpg.com.au
url: http://
date: 2002-07-07-01-40
this is a test post to check colour settings.

Woke up with a headache

this morning, which is never a good thing. Think I was goin’ a bit hard on here yesterday – staring into the box. Now and then I’ll get these kinds of days where my brain will want to do more than the rest of the body wants to. I’m sure my CRT’s refresh rate is at 90Hz (or however it’s measured) but it’d be the same if i was peering into a paper-book all day — too mono on the eyes. And sitting here too long makes me back sore, which I s’ppose says something about my ergonomics set up.
Was reading this article by Alain deBotton, who I don’t like because gene has a crush on him (and she pokes fun at me because it gets me riled) but it’s a good article anyway. Reading in a different place gives the book a `feel’ for me. i’ll pick up the book ages after and it’ll remind me of where i read it. The two things mix in together.
Actually I was thinking about quirks the other day – one of mine is that I always take something to read with me wherever I go. Even if it’s just into town for the afternoon i’ll take a magazine or a book, “Just in case there’s a traffic jam” – fairly unlikely here. 95% of the time i don’t get to read what i take.

So anyway the site’s coming along slowly – my CSS is a bit rusty but it’s coming back. Was thinking about a 404. i’ve heard people have some really clever ideas for their custom 404s (can’t say that I’ve seen any) and am tempted to have a little google of it, but i’d probably just end up stealing someone else’s idea. i’ll wait til i got mine done.

GTK-Gnutella seems to have grown a little more since I used it last. It now remebers your searches from one session to the next, which saves a bit of retyping. it’s probably just my luck so far, but it seems to be running better too.

Was about to mention that I thought something fishy was going on with Nexus’ website, becausse it’d been down for a few days, but just rechecking now it’s back. Thought perhaps some nasty-pasty’d hacked it.
They’ve got a good article in the current (print) issue on the history of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. It quickly cuts through the main-stream media myth that it’s a religious thing. Like almost all warring – it’s about land. The author of the article is involved in the website www.merip.org (Middle East Research and Information Project) which is chokkers full of interesting stuff, and in fact, this article i mentioned is there somewhere too, but I couldn’t find the exact link.


I suppose I should’ve expected a few things to go wrong in transition from one server to another, and one scripting system to another. i got all excited and did a nice long post the other day and it got wiped out, including this Baudelaire pome, but dammmit, I Like it, so am repasting it: [from the other day]

It is with great pleasure that I bring to you the Fully Operational Spouting.net!
This project has spent months in the dreaming stage, and a couple of days in the configuring stage.
I’m really excited about this, in fact I’m so excited that I spilt milk and musili on the keyboard just before.
I’d like to commemerate this event with a poem. No, not one of mine, this is by that most loquacious of Dirty frenchmen,
Charlie Baudelaire. It’s called, `The Carcass’.

The Carcass

Remember, my love, the object we saw
That beautiful morning in June:
By a bend in the path a carcass reclined
On a bed sown with pebbles and stones;

Her legs wwere spread out like a lecherous whore,
Sweating with poisonous fumes,
Who opened in slick invitational style
Her stinking and festering womb.

The sun on this rottenness focused its rays
To cook the cadaver till done,
And render the nature a hunderedfold gift
Of all she’d united in one.

And the sky cast an eye on this marvellous meat
As over the flowers in bloom.
The stench was so wretched that there on the grass
You nearly collapsed in a swoon.

The flies buzzed and droned on these bowels of filth
Where an army of maggots arose,
Which flowed with a liquid and thickening stream
On the animate rags of her clothes.

And it rose and it fell, and pulsed like a wave,
Rushing and bubbling with health.
One could say that this carcass, blown with vague breath,
Lived in increasing itself.

And this whole teeming world made a musical sound
Like babbling brooks and the breeze,
Or the grain that a man with a winnowing-fan
Turns with a rhythmical ease.

The shapes wore away as if only a dream
Like a sketch that is left on the page
Which the artist forgot and can only complete
On the cavas, with memory’s aid.

From back in the rocks, a pitiful bitch
Eyed us with angry distaste,
Awaiting the moment to snatch from the bones
The morsel she’d dropped in her haste.

–And yoou, in your turn, will be rotten as this:
Horrible, filthy, undone,
O sun of my nature and star of my eyes,
My passion, my angel in one!

Yes, such will you be, o regent of grace,
After the rites have been read,
Under the weeds, under blossoming grass
As you moulder with bones of the dead.

Ah then, o my beauty, explain to the worms
Who cherish your body so fine,
That I am the keeper for corpses of love
Of the form, and the essence divine!


no steps forward

one step back.
THis .CSS and template setup is obviously going to need a delicate hand when tinkering with.
my apologies to jeremy who commented here yesterday, it accidentally got wiped out.

email: jeremiahnewbie@delusional.nu
url: www.delusional.nu
date: 2002-07-05-13-55
Well to paraphrase that lost comment:

“New domain and newly powered by moveabletype? Double Joy! Congratz yax!”
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name: yak sox
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Haha – Deja Vu — thanks man!