imitation is some form of flattery

I just wacked up a page of scans from b(if)tek’s cover of The Cars’ single `Wired for Sound’ (but this isn’t the imitation I’m talking about, no. (the versions a really very different)). I partly stuck it because Core `legend’, Silver is mentioned in the credits.
Also – I really like the artwork. It was released in 2000.
Earlier this year during latish night tv I see these ads for corporate prawns, “the superjesus” and their new album, `jet age’ — and butter me on both sides if their cover design isn’t very similar indeed to B(if)tek’s. Superjoose’s website is here I can’t get in because I don’t have enough Flash – but if you take a look you see what I’m getting at.
Oh – here’s a small pic of the album cover.

Anyway – as far as australian music people go, b(if)tek are way cooler than superjesus. From a teknokulchu perspective, there’s a nice little quote under the CD too; “By embodying a nostalgia for the past in new materials we retard an acceptance of the present and by extension, the future, becuase the future is in the present.” (Guerrillla Television, 1971)
Also, please note the inclusion of `Reading Gnome’s Story’ to the Reas Onlys section. It’s not about that desk top environment that stands to the side of KDE — this is about a real life gnome.
I reached a new high in the scary-lookin ratings today – when I finally got my travel concession sorted. To start with this lack of sun has got the zits happenin at a kinda nasty level (O Mr.Sun come back soon! – it’s drivin’ me nuts reading these Northern Hemispheric weblogs of warmth).
Add to that bad photo – from the digital imaging joint – which alone bugs me heaps – if I had a digi-camera or even a web cam I might’ve been able to sort this out myself) I got 20 bad photos of my head for $10 – man…..
And then today the `bursar’ at uni had to stamp these photos of me – and it’s got a circular border – and Bang – this big ring of ink goes right across one of my photo eyes llike an eye patch – and so now on my travel concession I look like a pirate. But not a seafaring pirate (no parrot) — maybe a space pirate. AArrrgghh!

name: SirFlakey
date: 2002-07-23-18-56
Hehe – I’ll send a note to Silver about it =)
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name: yak sox
date: 2002-07-24-09-55
cool! I know there’s more than one dj silver on this planet but in this case I’m pretty sure it matches up.

golden showers

While waiting for the bus this arvo I got around to reading the article on urine therapy in this month’s Nexus. They’ve extracted the article; it’s here. The idea is you drink a little of your own piss once in a while and this is really good for you. As interesting as it sounds I couldn’t help but think of that monty python bit about, `you are like a golden shaft of bat’s piss surrounded in darkness’ … I can’t remember exactly how it goes though.
Whatever the case, if I ever give it a go, I’ll tell yas. The little thing that bugged me was how it `recommended’ that for it to be really worth it you should cut out all the other bad things — smoking (that one applies to me) fried foods (again) sugar (kinda) cold drinks (????) spices, refined foods, meat, alcohol and other recreational drugs.
At that point it gets a bit like the stone in the soup pot, and of course your piss is going to be a shining example of health.
Worth a google if you’re really innerested. T’is also known as Shivambu Shastra.
yak’s Handy Everyday Living Tips #14:
If you happen to find your self with a Boa Constrictor wrapped around your neck, and it just doesn’t want to let go, Simply duck into the bathroom, get the shower running at a nice warm temperature(but not too hot! You don’t want to burn yourself or that charmin’ reptile). Stand under it for a couple of minutes, this will relax the grip; and – “ahhh!” – feel that circulation return to your old noggin.

url: http://
date: 2003-03-21-14-49
how do you give a golden shower
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name: yak sox
date: 2003-03-21-14-54
However you like. :^)
Preferable do it somewere that has good drainage.

more page readjustment etcc.

From this perspective at least I feel like the index file is now looking okay. It turned out that there were some typos in the moo-able type CSS template. They were spelling position “postion” and this could have been throwing things out.
It still looks a little wacky in Konqueror, and there’s this mysterious phantom horizontal scroll bar that shows up in Opera. I notice it happen on several different sites that use moo-able type. I’m not sure if it’s Opera or what but no matter what I do to jiggle the layout it doesn’t remove it, yet if I click off the Spouting page to another site then back it disappears.
Apple have just changed from their iTools set up to .Mac. Gene (or jean – however you wanna spell it) uses an email address, which originally was given as part of the package – when buying the iMac. The email address was part of `iTools’. Now with the change, apple are saying to people that it’ll cost them an extra $99 US to keep the email address. They offer online disk storage as part of the deal, but she’s never used it nor probably ever would’ve.
It’s a bit much if you ask me. It wouldn’t have been too much to ask to let people keep their email addys with a basic 5mb inbox – and no other iTools/.mac features for those unwilling to fork out the extra dosh.
Back to school and getting up early tomorrow.

The seedy side of the web

Not all the prawns (or pr0n, as the kids inexplicably spell it) – you know that kind of stuff is what it is. But I’m talking about all these two bit search engines and “Register with 28 Search Engines For FREE!!!” type things.
I did this last night and I don’t know why. I actually find it depressing — all that crap – blinking things and enticements. It’s been a long time since anything like that’s been in my face. Who uses these trasy little engines anway? Anybody?

To seach I use google – exculsively. Of late I’ve come to realise that while it’s streets ahead of the others, it’s just not logical to restrict one’s research gathering in such a way. And from the other angle – just because it’s the only one I use, doesn’t make it so for everyone. If I was to judge each of them based on how hassle-free they’re submission process, then behind Google would be the Open Directory Project (obviously, a directory not an engine specifcally) – then alltheweb, then alta vista (you know where it is).
This Tameo (unsure of spelling and refuse to check) thing – I’d heard it was supposed to be good, but it looks like crap – it’s just an off-shoot of the askjeeves thing, which also is crap.
i just read that TurboLinux is going down. That’s a shame – apparently it was quite popular in Japan (big in Japan) but, from when i had a look at it a couple of years ago – it wasn’t really offering anything unique.
Ever been chopping hot chillies then picked yoour nose? I have.

Whew! That’s a load off

Just got my results for the first semester – 79% for TEOTWAWKI?, 71% for comm. studies, 70 for psychology and 63 for social theory.

I really thought I FUBARed the exams and that the marks would be extemely average. But as someone said to me recently, they take into account that you’re under pressure and there’s only so much that you can do with an essay during an exam.
I’m really surprised about the international relations one – I got a 77 and an 80 for the essays – so the exam result can’t have been far off that at all.

Anyway – this first half has been very much a process of finding my feet. now i know what to target = the things that get marked. In a way it’s kind of rediculous, all I’ve got to do is fumble through the other bits, keep quiet when I haven’t done class readings (because – why would you if it’s not going to improve your mark??) and bullshite my way through pretending that I have done those things….
Ahh – i dunno — that’s not my style at all.

teknokucha & more teknokulcha

You know I enroled in a subject called `Technocultures: Crashing into the Future’ for this semester — I got the study guide and reader yesterday and most of the readings for it are science fiction! This was a bit of a surprise. We got helpings of J.G.Ballard, Pynchon, William Gibson and a whole bunch of others i don’t recognise. i’ve really got no idea about what’s gonna happen in that subject.
And then – I’m doing communication studies this year – and this semester the emphasis is on = you guessed it – technology in communications and culture. The textbook for it is titled, “technoculture: from alphabet to cybersex” by Lelia Green (and it seems to be that fresh off the press that i can’t find it on amazon) — t’is funny — has a little glossary of terms in the front going from:
bandwidth: the greater the bandwidth the more information (data, sound vision…… yadda yadda — through to WWW: etc.
Then smack bang right in the middle of all this is, Merkin: female pubic wig, used in burlesque shows as a defense against the acusation that women were unclothed; and in early theatre by boys/men acting female parts…………….. So There Ya Go.

i know how easy it is to pick these things apart and realise that as fun as these studies may seem, it’ll probably get swallowed up by academic mumbo-jumbo and indoctrination from The Man. The real challenge is to find the good bits in it. The good bits’ll probably have merkins on ’em.
i don’t know what I expect – do I really think they’re going to let me go teach myself a bit of CGI/Perl? I’m not doing computers – it’s an arts course dammit.
Please note the inclusion of fototime to the sidebar. nothing there is particularly recent, but it’s a start.
Pivot have released a new version of their blogging script system. The one thing that set up had over moo-able type was that it’s on a BSD type license (but actually the more I think about that- it ain’t so grand; apple’s OS X is on a BSD license and they’re asking US$129 for 10.2) I’m no fan of copyright, but at least the moo-able type people let you mess with the stuff.

Travelling in style

I’ve mentioned how I generally take too much reading amterial with me when travelling. It seems that MUAMMAR has the same quirk, but on a slightly larger scale.
On a recent trip down to the other end of the african continent he took:
400 security staff
60 armoured vehicles
Container ship
2 Boeings
1 Antonov plane
27 submachineguns
48 AK-47s
2 buses
Rocket-propelled grenade launchers
Jamming device
Goat carcasses.

(Actually it often occurs to me that a couple of dead goats would be handy for roadtrips, but I’m always outvoted.)
But to put it in perspective, i’m sure that US president/ambassadors take a fair amount of armaments when visiting unsafe territory, maybe not a container ship, or an Antonov, (the largest plane in the world) and the Jammer is a great idea – it stops remote controlled bombs from going off.
And if Prince can call himself The Purple One, then why can’t gadaffi call himself The Golden One?
Man they must have alotta cash…

“Hello me, it’s you”

Received a rather bizarre phone call on saturday night.
I pick it up, say `Hello?’, the other person says `Hello?’ but I hardly hear them because there’s long distance beeps.
Again I say `Hello, it’s yak’. They reply – and mimic me, repeating what I said. Oh great – I think, because I’m terrible at recognising people’s voices on the phone. My first guess was that it was ‘Taurus-buddy“ who visited a few months back; often he’ll start off phone converstaions with dumb jokes.
`Hello? Taurus-buddy?’, again they mimic me, saying exactly what I say about a half-second later than when i do. I pause silently, thinking that the silence will make them uncomfortable and give in, but it doesn’t.
`Okay who is it? i can’t guess’, i say with a ”give-up“ tone in my voice — and again they parrot me. I think maybe it’s my electrician-friend, and ask if it is. When they repeat what i say I realise that it’s not his voice. My last guess is my brother the NewsHound because his voice is similar to mine, but they just repeat me again.

After about thirty seconds of this it occurs to me that the mimicry is just too precise AND THEN i realise that it’s ME somehow looped though the phone, so I hang up but it still feels like I’m hanging up on someone else. With a phone normally you’ll hear your own voice through the ear-peice, but it’s only what is amplified through the mouth peice and is instantaneous. This was diffferent; there was a noticable lag.

So i sit there for about a minute with the (cordless) phone in hand thinking that somehow, someone had phone-phreaked me (but i thought phone-phreakin’ was almost impossible with modern technology?) — and Trippin’ Hard on the
concept of my phone ringing itself and ME being on the other end!

The phone rings again and it’s gene’s aunty -The Nun- in england. So that basically solved it – the first attempt must’ve got wires crossed somewhere annd i was on loop back. But a while after i was still thinking about it – it occurred to me that i sounded reallly kinda menacing, and, do I always sound menacing on the phone? But no – I think it was that the doppelganger mimicked my tone of voice exactly, which gave a menacing feel to it. If it was another person, then at some point in the little charade they’d crack slightly, or there’d be a little laugh in their tone of voice.
[Mental note to self; possible science-fiction story idea – parallel universes connected through telephone. Evil Me shows up to finish off Normal Me. Ps. – this has already happened to capatin James T. Kirk on several occasions.]
Gene’s little sister is feeling muchh better, which is fantastic.
It’s amazing what installing all the updates and DirectX can do for the stability of woodnose and it’s ability to successfully install games. The sound card isn’t even locking it up anymore! And on top of that a two-peice speaker set was donated to the ”support Spouting benevolent society” last night — so now i don’t have to wear the headphones if I wanna hear something.
I updated the BIOS too, which didn’t fry the motherboard, which is neat, but it didn’t improve anything either. Juggernaut is still underclocking – running at .75 of standard speed. i don’t know what to do about that.

I don’t know why I didn’t rig up some speakers of some sort to the datamachine before now. I might see if I can link in my old bass amp to the little ones to provide a bit of kick.
My top 5 Led Zeppelin tracks:
1. When the levee breaks
2. Heartbreaker
3. The immigrant song
4. Kashmir
5. Since I been lovin’ you


Yak sox has been flying solo here at Spouting headquarters these last couple of days – gene’s little sister is sick, so she’s been there over the other side of the bay. it’s not my place to go into the details of it at present, apart from saying that it’s a rather rare illness, and I’ve just been looking up some medical sites.
First time I’ve done that. It’s like hospitals; not the kind of places you hang around volutarily.
The family are going through those feelings of helplessness and frustration that I know well enough after my dad passing on earlier this year. for me, it brings back the sense of frustration with The System and its priorities.
It’s as if Western medicine has made bugger-all progress since the middle ages, and I’m reminded of that scene from the Star Trek movie “Save The Whales” (or whatever it’s called) where McCoy busts into the 20thC. hospital to save Chekov, and is mortified at the primitivness of it all.

I think that us humans are extremely intelligent, and when an area of development is prioritised our understanding of it jumps along in leaps in bounds. What I mean by that is when money is channelled into an area – that’s when it moves. Maybe it’s not as simple as `throw enough money at something and it’ll get fixed’ — but maybe it is. The thing is that the money brings the people, and like I said, people are smart.
Take information technology for example. It’s developed so rapidly in the last 40 years because The System has needed that technology to grow its structure. Money was channelled into that area so that the early computer scientists and engineers had all the resources they wanted.
That quote comes back to me that if personal transport had developed at the same rate that computers did then everyone would be driving water-fuelled bubble-cars.
IT is an area where the public can actuallly see the results. Military Technology has had an even higher level of priority, yet it’s of absolutely no benefit to humanity as a whole.
It’s harder to use military tech. as an example because we only ever get to the pedestrian edge of it, like `Smart-bombs’, or the examples are outdated like Germany’s development of the V2 rocket during WW2. But I’m sure that if we knew everything of what the world’s Military Industrial Complex had researched and developed over the last ten years, we’d be blown away (metaphorically speaking).

So funding is part of the equation. If all that funding was directed to socially useful things like medical advancement the world would be a very different place. Another factor is attitude. Western medicine has a terrible superiority complex. Natural and effective treatments and cures found in the jungles are going begging, and valuable knowledge that’s passed along in tribes is ignored.
It all comes back to profit. If there’s too choices, but only one will make a buck, then that’s the one that they’ll take regardless of if it’s the more effective one.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for many things. Probably most of all for being born in a first world country where food and clean water are plentiful, where I can live and not work if I don’t want to (shhh) and study if I want and not have to pay money back until I’m actually earning money. I have this much and I’m grateful.
But we as a species are capable of so much more.

And right now, our “leader”, Howard, is talking about how we, the little nation of Australia, need to develop the capability to strike anywhere in the world at a moments’ notice!
What is he ON???


– Whirlpool forums go FUBAR

I slept on this issue specifically because I was feeling agitated last PM, but even today when triviality emerges the winner, I still can’t resist that entry title.

Yesterday a situation went down on the whirlpool general forums which resulted in them being closed – temporarily or permenently – frankly I don’t care.
I’m still finding it hard to arrive at an opinion that feels objective. But right now I think that: people shouldn’t open public forums without thinking that at some point they will really have to deal with people.
Playing the “This is my site, there is no free speech here”, card is a cop out, as is closing the forums when it all becomes too much.

To those of you who aren’t or weren’t frequenters of the whirlpool forums this will all seem rather cryptic. I could recount the whole thing from my perspective, but in the grand scheme of things the events are trivial. Suffice to say, I learnt a little lesson in How not to administer a forum (if i ever was to, which isn’t very likely) — and that there are few people who have the ability to code a well-functioning forum + have the emotional well-being to actually run it decently at the same time. Rusty, the head-guy at K5 is the only one i can think of who can do this.