That’s the sound of a karate kick. I grabbed a new theme from kde-look the other day. Kung Fu: I really think this is the theme that will not only make my datamachine faster, but will also make me more productive, successful and happy as a hooman beeing. I like the tiger.

[ image lost ]

I pointed out some of the things I have on the panel. KATE stands for Kde Advanced Text Editor. The 1,2,3,4 bit is the multiple desktops that are a standard feature of the Kde desktop. Sorry about the hand(mouse) writing – I was all coffeed up.
One thing I saw yesterday: lamas in a paddock between here and uni. Just a couple of them with a flock of sheep. Jean tells me that the lamas are put there to watch over the sheep. I’ve never heard of this before. The lamas develop a protective nature toward the sheep – and watch out for intruders like foxes etc. And they really were watching out. They were sitting on the rise near a damn and looking sagely into the distance – one in each direction.
Lamas are weird enough without this behaviour. Amazing. i will have to investigate further. This is the type of thing that if *I* was driving would make me stop to look regardless of other commitments. On the way home, going past them again – I saw an extra one – and it was taking lunchbreak – eating grass. This makes sense; they’d want to take shifts if they wanted to successfully cover the full 24hrs.

teK*noKulchar lecture today was really cool. At the start of the year my communications tute teacher said he was gonna blow my mind (with concepts etc) but this never happened. But if anything’s gonna do it – it’ll be the this subject.
Am a bit caffeine freaked right now. Never had a takeaway long black from there before – only sit down cups. Very long and well-bitter.

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