swallowing too much air gives you the farts

Don’t what I’ve got myself into with this truth & trascenence subject.. I like airy discussion but only up to a certian point – which’ll be passed beyond every toosday afternoon for the next however-many months. i’m just not a deep thinker. Talking about questions that have no definite answers on this plane of existance gets me frustrated … well it did today.
Saw a “drinking coconut” in the supermarket – never seen onna them before. kinda looked like a giant tea candle but cone-shaped at the top. Also must remember not to find myself in supermarket between 3:30 – 4pm again … many many children, and other people. Kids – so much noise and motion. It makes me dizzy.

Kangaroos in the backyard again last night! I went out to take a slash and looked up it’s right there, 5 feet away and 4.5 feet high standing up looking at me. Scared the bejeebas outta me. One was hangin’ out on the nature strip this morning to,, so got a foto – good becasue it was sunny and the other ones i have were in overcast conditions.

And COSMIC JUSTICE got creative on the weekend in Vancouver at the CART race. Both the Newman/Haas cars conked out at exactly the same time! That’s right, Little napoleon (who actually is okay, but he’s still way ahead on the leader board and it would’ve made things boringer (that’s right, boringer) if he’d won again) and or course fittipaldi in his prozac icecreamvan, which deserves to conk out in every race forever.
And international Bad Boy and Rebel, Townsend Bell got the arse from patrick racing, and deservedly so – he can’t drive but his balls tell him he can. Oriol Servia, the Catalonian dude got the gig – a shame Roberto Moreno didn’t … i really hope he gets a drive next year.

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