sun on mon

Have been feeling a touch of the SADs (seasonal adjustment disorder) and more than a touch of the RIDs (restless, irritable, discontent) this last three days – so was nice to get some sun between lecture and tute this morn.
Saw `you’ve got mail’ for the first time last night. Was pretty fucked up. That’s a pretty fucked up character that Hanks plays. Why the hell couldn’t he have told her who he was sooner??? What was the problem? Bizarre – I was sittin’ there thinking `where the hell is this going?’
Also weird in that it was like two themes – that of the corporation destroying the small business, and the theme of secrecy/deception. Interesting in that there was almost no product placements apart from the ever-present AO(hel)L and a tiny apple logo.
Compared to a lot of movies – the technology aspect didn’t look all that dated considering it was released in ’98. The oh-so unglamourous screech of dial-up was in there (but at least in my world) that’s still a normal thing — as opposed to all you folk with always-on connections. (Truth be told – I’ve got the modem song turned off.)
After a bit more mucking around, I’ve added a guest book script. It’s a very simple one. Perhaps not essential to the journalised part of this thing – more for the Read-Onlys.
Speaking of -ised and -ized — I’ve had a bit of a rethink on the whole whacking ZEDs in the place of ESSes, and how it’s always bugged me = amercano cultural imperialissimo…. and perhaps I’m wrong.
I remeber learning that there’s this section in virginia/carolina – somewhere down there – who speak much in a Shakey Shakspearian style – and that back the (1600s, england +) it was Fall for that season after summer, not Autumn – which is a French word and throwing a bit of French into your sentences got all trendy in England in the 17th-18th Cent. sometime – theu we now have autumn.
I was also pulled up re: the star trek series `Enterprise’ because there’s a bit in the opening creds that has a ye olde map with the word `Enterprize’ on it. I thought this was a fabrication. But apparently that was the correct spelling for that ship at that time — so maybe all these ESSes (or at least some of them) are french hangover. I’d have to look into it more. Either way, I don’t think I’ll let ZED substitutes bug me nomore.

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