here’s another acronym:

ODP. Have been trawling slowly through the weblogs list – those starting with the letter A. I think the quality is a bit up on a scene like eventhough they’re not being updated as regularly.
I found this rather political one, and wholelottanothing – which is by the guy who runs metafilter; Matthew Haughey.
Also, alice, whose personality really jumped off the page at me. (Her layout is FUBAR right now but…) … I can’t decide if it’s just a really good read – or if was exactly the type of thing I wanted to read when I found it. Either way – I read the whole thing and this astounds even me.
This is where D stands for Discontent comes into it – Is there more happening in her life than mine? Is it just that i don’t do much — or that I am not bloggging properly (needs more drama, salt) [teehee – reminds me of – if you don’t think sex is dirty then you’re probably not doing it right] …. am probably overthinking all this.
As a sometime fiction writer I know well the self-editor “The Man In The Grey Suit” and he gets in the way of hitting that balance of raw thought/pre-prepared ideas and balancing information and feeling.

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