Now here’s some fun

Let’s take a look at how those blogathon participants are going.
Roughly 17 hours in and it’s getting inneresting — clara is making up terrible poetry and recycling IRC transcripts, intergalactic is looking … uhm… somewhat worse for wear and sounding demoralised.
ye olde phart is getting judgemental toward the other participants, athena is drinking something called “cornwater”.

Can the internet handle all this `information’? Reminds me of the question, `god must be very, how could it possibly have time for me?’
In a couple of places yesterday I noticed people saying that their weblogs weren’t all that important in the grander scheme of things. I’m not sure about this. Either they’re all important or none of them and nothing is important. i think I go with the former.

name: Athena
date: 2002-11-18-08-04
Hey, a few months after that blogathon experience. If you want to know what cornwater is, we just boil the cornwater and drink the water that we used to boil the corn in. It’s quite sweet since we put sugar in it. I know this is totally pointless but whatever…have a good day!

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