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FAQ is here. Kinda sounds like fun. 24hr physical things are interesting like squash. But really, potato-ing by the datamachine only gets interesting after 30-36hrs non-stop. That’s the bit that I’m innerested in, bugger the charity stuff – it’s an add on. I for one, know well the effects of sleep deprivation – hoowee!.
Ah – maybe next year. Staggered thee way it is – it – the blogathon that is – wouldn’t kick off on the east coast of australia until 11pm saturday night – which would mess me up for psychology lecture monday morn. A lame excuse I know. I know.
Am wearing my dad’s jumper today. Is one of the couple that I most visualise him in, with overalls; doing stuff around the garden on a weekend. Granma knitted it – is a really dense knit. Gran’s jumpers rock. I reckon if some dude in platemail accosted me and sent a longsword slash across my torso it’d slide right off – it feeels like wearing chainmail – not that I ever have worn chainmail.
Is a whole bunch of GCC (stands for Gnome C Compiler – i think) coming down through right now – and eventhough it usually doesn’t – today it’s floored browsing.
Jean is murmurring about wanting to get a digital camera, which is interesting. Says there’s noo such thing as just a journalist these days, everybody’s gotta be able to take photos too. i know this’ll be just like the whole iMac thing and if I show too much external excitement she’ll use it as a source of power over me. Funny thing is i don’t much care that there’s an apple datamachine in the house, now that it’s here. i know that sir flakey would severely chastise me for saying so – but I now think apples are for people who think they’re too special to use windows, but are too dumb to use Linux. Of course that’s too harsh – they probably just don’t have the time to learn Linux. But these prices for the latest OS upgrade, and for changing to .Mac from iTools really remind me how proprietary apple is.
This gonna be a extra-long amount of warbling because I can’t do nuffing else.
I have been jumping into the woodnose95 partition occasionally – and at the end of a mental day, enjoys a go at “Leadfoot” – a gum-chewin’ dirt-track racin’ car game. Well – they’re kinda cars. One sort is these dune-buggy type things and the other is `sports trucks’ ie. SUVs ie. Oversized Novelty Utes. i much prefer the dune-buggy, and I become Checkers Le Ranch tank-slapper extrodinaire. it’s a trial version, so there’s only two tracks I can race, but that’s okay. It’s not like this is my overall supreme choice of computer gaming – this is limited by a)what comes on the pc world CDs, b)what will run on woodnose95, c)what will run on Juggernaut datamachine. Racing games are fun. Taking an opponent out in a head-on is a no-no. It penalises you by damaging the engine which slows you and even may result in disqualification – when this happens I feel like paul Tracy. When I am just having a shitty run and consistently finishing 16th out of a field of 16 I feel like Townsend Bell, racing for Mo Nunn’s team. However I am mastering the art of screamming into a corner, powersliding the buggy into some very effective t-bones and side-swipes. there’s no penalty for this except for banging up the side a bit, which is no sweat.

name: SirFlakey
date: 2002-07-30-22-29
Don’t worry – you’re entitled to your opinion =). To be honest I use a Mac because I like how it looks and how it works. My favourite computer was my old-ish SGI O2. Quite frankly I want cool computers .. not just computers =).
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name: yak sox
date: 2002-07-31-20-57
haha – I knew even as I was writing it that “apples are for people who think they’re too special for windows” – i was being overly harsh.
And yes – the aesthetic side of PCs is severely lacking. The jelly bean iMac and Ti Powerbook really stand out. (the new imac is yet to grow in me)
I forget how long it took me to really get comfortable using the linux OS – and tend to get frustrated because I can’t figure out the nuances of OS X straight away.

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