week one down

I seriously dunno what happened in the kitchen. It happened during the night – woke us, but it was way too cold to investigate. i wish I’d taken a picture – because cleaning it up was the first thing I did as soon as waking — so memory is a little hazy – but it really did look odd. I’ve never imagined plates could bounce or roll their way to the middle of the room then break.
Here I was thinking that I’d end up with a rabid christian teaching the `truth and trascendence’ subject and it seems that he’s a rabid buddist. Even has a website: wisdom.org/. i’m still not sure about him though. In the lecture he said “karma” – and rolled the R – “karrrma” and I kind of grinned – and he kind of looked stern at me (apparently that’s how the enlightened say it) So what are the karmactic implications of that??
Anyway – looks like I’ll be able to get my fill of zen – and probably do an assignment on it.
The guy who originally wrote up all the materials for TEKNOKULCHU has split – He probably got a better offer – and we’ve got this other guy – who I think is jormallly a cinema studies type. There’s still plenty of science fiction in there – and even better – it looks like I’ll be able to write a short story instead of an assignment. Sweet.
Comms Sudies should be cool too because of there being so much about net-related technologies in there.

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