I don’t mean to getting so hardcore about stuff lately – but what’s the deal? They (that’s right, THEY) put cameras on the bus. Just the little old town to deakin suburban busses. These little tinted domes attatched to the ceiling. Actually the worst thing about this sort is that there probably *isn’t* any camera in there – but everyone bhaves as if there is. You can’t see into it – it’s too tinted.

Speaking of the all seeing eye – I finally got a wweb statistics tracking set up happening. After all morning of wriggling and wrangling things around – I got advanced logger from perlonline werking. it has an banner ad in the stats page – but ah – whadareyagunnado? Besides it’s not such a wide open area – half of the scripts I looked at had gobble-degook for install instructions, and some were just no good.
Interestingly, even with this one, it has some weird jawascript or something that means that I can only really access the data from Konqueror.
Damn cold here. i’m gettin’ that far away feeling lots.
And I’m starting to think this is all wrong – the blog structure that is. It’s like starting at the end of a day then running backwards through it. not the actual content – but how it’s presented. The thing is I can’t figure how far the other way around it should go.
Obviously I can’t write letters backwards, or cut n’ paste every line so that they start at the bottom the go up.
I don’t know – this is fucking my head. I mean, it looks okay if you are to start right at the moment of Now – and then go backwards in a straght line. But what if you’re starting way back then and reading toward the present.
Maybe if it was like the start of Star Wars – but in rewind – so that the words start a long way off and get bigger as you read them then disappear.

I blame the proscibed reading of modern science fiction on this problem I’m having. Goodness me – what’s been going on since 1950!? i’m trying to read this stuff for TeknoKulchu and it’s …. I don’t know what it is.
Apparently there’s some type of bloggathon this weekend — I don’t know much about it — will have to find out.

name: jeremiah
date: 2002-07-27-11-15
To post chronologically or not to post chornologically, that is the question …
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name: yak sox
date: 2002-07-27-13-18
Aye, indeed! another one is whether or not to post upside down. teehee.

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