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I like his earlier werk because it’s a little more accesible. Unfortunately I don’t have a spare lifetime to spend getting to the bottom of his Canticles – which are pretty weird. Whatever meaning is in there is obscure. They’re long too.
So here’s probably my fave of his shorter early stuff:


As one that would draw thru the node of things,
Back sweeping to the vortex of the cone,
Cloistered about with memories, alone
In chaos, while the waiting silence sings:

Obliviate of cycles’ wanderings
I was an atom on creation’s throne
And knew all nothing my unconquered own.
God! Should I be the hand upon the strings?!

But I was lonely as alonely child.
I cried amid the void and heard no cry,
And then for utter loneliness, made I
New thoughts as crescent images of me.
And with them was my essence reconciled
While fear went forth from mine eternity.

For a while in his carreer as a word-man, Pound was poo-pooed because he thought fascism was a good thing. In fact he was locked up for a few years – around the time of the world war II.
But before we say, `serves him right’, everyone should be allowed to believe what they do — and it’s worth noting that he wasn’t the only one who thought like that at the time.
“Mussolini was portrayed as a `moderate’ with enormous popular appeal who had brought efficient administration and prosperity, slaying the beast [possible communism in post WW1 italy] and opening the doors to profitable investment and trade. Reflecting common attitudes in the business community, J.P. Morgan partner Thomas Lamont described himself as `something like a missionary’ for Italian facism, expressing his admiration for Il Duce, `a very upstanding chap’ who had `done a great job in Italy,’ and for the `sound ideas’ that guided him in governing the country. Otto Kahn of Kuhn, Loeb and Co. praised the Facists further for ending `parliamentry wrangling and wasteful impotent bureaucracy’ and bringing `a spirit of order, discipline, hard work, patriotic devotion and faith’ under `the clear sighted and masterful guidance of that remarkable man, Benito Mussolini.’ Judge Elbert Gary of United Steel asked wheter `we, too, need a man like Mussolini.’ The US Embassy was particularly impressed that `there has not been a single strike in tthe whole of Italy’ since the Fascist takeover.”
(From page 39 of Noam Chomsky’s Deterring Democracy, 1991/2)

The only diff. between Pound and these people was that they jumped off the wagon when Italy, Germany started flexing muscle. i should make it clear too – I’m not a fascist, Honest! :^)
They eventually let Ezra out of gaol.

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The picture you attached is not of Ezra Pound. I think it is Kramer from Seinfeld. 🙂

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Haha – yes – i was tempted to put “A rooster job even Kramer would be envious of”, in the caption. Also very Eraserhead.

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