imitation is some form of flattery

I just wacked up a page of scans from b(if)tek’s cover of The Cars’ single `Wired for Sound’ (but this isn’t the imitation I’m talking about, no. (the versions a really very different)). I partly stuck it because Core `legend’, Silver is mentioned in the credits.
Also – I really like the artwork. It was released in 2000.
Earlier this year during latish night tv I see these ads for corporate prawns, “the superjesus” and their new album, `jet age’ — and butter me on both sides if their cover design isn’t very similar indeed to B(if)tek’s. Superjoose’s website is here I can’t get in because I don’t have enough Flash – but if you take a look you see what I’m getting at.
Oh – here’s a small pic of the album cover.

Anyway – as far as australian music people go, b(if)tek are way cooler than superjesus. From a teknokulchu perspective, there’s a nice little quote under the CD too; “By embodying a nostalgia for the past in new materials we retard an acceptance of the present and by extension, the future, becuase the future is in the present.” (Guerrillla Television, 1971)
Also, please note the inclusion of `Reading Gnome’s Story’ to the Reas Onlys section. It’s not about that desk top environment that stands to the side of KDE — this is about a real life gnome.
I reached a new high in the scary-lookin ratings today – when I finally got my travel concession sorted. To start with this lack of sun has got the zits happenin at a kinda nasty level (O Mr.Sun come back soon! – it’s drivin’ me nuts reading these Northern Hemispheric weblogs of warmth).
Add to that bad photo – from the digital imaging joint – which alone bugs me heaps – if I had a digi-camera or even a web cam I might’ve been able to sort this out myself) I got 20 bad photos of my head for $10 – man…..
And then today the `bursar’ at uni had to stamp these photos of me – and it’s got a circular border – and Bang – this big ring of ink goes right across one of my photo eyes llike an eye patch – and so now on my travel concession I look like a pirate. But not a seafaring pirate (no parrot) — maybe a space pirate. AArrrgghh!

name: SirFlakey
date: 2002-07-23-18-56
Hehe – I’ll send a note to Silver about it =)
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name: yak sox
date: 2002-07-24-09-55
cool! I know there’s more than one dj silver on this planet but in this case I’m pretty sure it matches up.

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