more page readjustment etcc.

From this perspective at least I feel like the index file is now looking okay. It turned out that there were some typos in the moo-able type CSS template. They were spelling position “postion” and this could have been throwing things out.
It still looks a little wacky in Konqueror, and there’s this mysterious phantom horizontal scroll bar that shows up in Opera. I notice it happen on several different sites that use moo-able type. I’m not sure if it’s Opera or what but no matter what I do to jiggle the layout it doesn’t remove it, yet if I click off the Spouting page to another site then back it disappears.
Apple have just changed from their iTools set up to .Mac. Gene (or jean – however you wanna spell it) uses an email address, which originally was given as part of the package – when buying the iMac. The email address was part of `iTools’. Now with the change, apple are saying to people that it’ll cost them an extra $99 US to keep the email address. They offer online disk storage as part of the deal, but she’s never used it nor probably ever would’ve.
It’s a bit much if you ask me. It wouldn’t have been too much to ask to let people keep their email addys with a basic 5mb inbox – and no other iTools/.mac features for those unwilling to fork out the extra dosh.
Back to school and getting up early tomorrow.

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