The seedy side of the web

Not all the prawns (or pr0n, as the kids inexplicably spell it) – you know that kind of stuff is what it is. But I’m talking about all these two bit search engines and “Register with 28 Search Engines For FREE!!!” type things.
I did this last night and I don’t know why. I actually find it depressing — all that crap – blinking things and enticements. It’s been a long time since anything like that’s been in my face. Who uses these trasy little engines anway? Anybody?

To seach I use google – exculsively. Of late I’ve come to realise that while it’s streets ahead of the others, it’s just not logical to restrict one’s research gathering in such a way. And from the other angle – just because it’s the only one I use, doesn’t make it so for everyone. If I was to judge each of them based on how hassle-free they’re submission process, then behind Google would be the Open Directory Project (obviously, a directory not an engine specifcally) – then alltheweb, then alta vista (you know where it is).
This Tameo (unsure of spelling and refuse to check) thing – I’d heard it was supposed to be good, but it looks like crap – it’s just an off-shoot of the askjeeves thing, which also is crap.
i just read that TurboLinux is going down. That’s a shame – apparently it was quite popular in Japan (big in Japan) but, from when i had a look at it a couple of years ago – it wasn’t really offering anything unique.
Ever been chopping hot chillies then picked yoour nose? I have.

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