Whew! That’s a load off

Just got my results for the first semester – 79% for TEOTWAWKI?, 71% for comm. studies, 70 for psychology and 63 for social theory.

I really thought I FUBARed the exams and that the marks would be extemely average. But as someone said to me recently, they take into account that you’re under pressure and there’s only so much that you can do with an essay during an exam.
I’m really surprised about the international relations one – I got a 77 and an 80 for the essays – so the exam result can’t have been far off that at all.

Anyway – this first half has been very much a process of finding my feet. now i know what to target = the things that get marked. In a way it’s kind of rediculous, all I’ve got to do is fumble through the other bits, keep quiet when I haven’t done class readings (because – why would you if it’s not going to improve your mark??) and bullshite my way through pretending that I have done those things….
Ahh – i dunno — that’s not my style at all.

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