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You know I enroled in a subject called `Technocultures: Crashing into the Future’ for this semester — I got the study guide and reader yesterday and most of the readings for it are science fiction! This was a bit of a surprise. We got helpings of J.G.Ballard, Pynchon, William Gibson and a whole bunch of others i don’t recognise. i’ve really got no idea about what’s gonna happen in that subject.
And then – I’m doing communication studies this year – and this semester the emphasis is on = you guessed it – technology in communications and culture. The textbook for it is titled, “technoculture: from alphabet to cybersex” by Lelia Green (and it seems to be that fresh off the press that i can’t find it on amazon) — t’is funny — has a little glossary of terms in the front going from:
bandwidth: the greater the bandwidth the more information (data, sound vision…… yadda yadda — through to WWW: etc.
Then smack bang right in the middle of all this is, Merkin: female pubic wig, used in burlesque shows as a defense against the acusation that women were unclothed; and in early theatre by boys/men acting female parts…………….. So There Ya Go.

i know how easy it is to pick these things apart and realise that as fun as these studies may seem, it’ll probably get swallowed up by academic mumbo-jumbo and indoctrination from The Man. The real challenge is to find the good bits in it. The good bits’ll probably have merkins on ’em.
i don’t know what I expect – do I really think they’re going to let me go teach myself a bit of CGI/Perl? I’m not doing computers – it’s an arts course dammit.
Please note the inclusion of fototime to the sidebar. nothing there is particularly recent, but it’s a start.
Pivot have released a new version of their blogging script system. The one thing that set up had over moo-able type was that it’s on a BSD type license (but actually the more I think about that- it ain’t so grand; apple’s OS X is on a BSD license and they’re asking US$129 for 10.2) I’m no fan of copyright, but at least the moo-able type people let you mess with the stuff.

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