Travelling in style

I’ve mentioned how I generally take too much reading amterial with me when travelling. It seems that MUAMMAR has the same quirk, but on a slightly larger scale.
On a recent trip down to the other end of the african continent he took:
400 security staff
60 armoured vehicles
Container ship
2 Boeings
1 Antonov plane
27 submachineguns
48 AK-47s
2 buses
Rocket-propelled grenade launchers
Jamming device
Goat carcasses.

(Actually it often occurs to me that a couple of dead goats would be handy for roadtrips, but I’m always outvoted.)
But to put it in perspective, i’m sure that US president/ambassadors take a fair amount of armaments when visiting unsafe territory, maybe not a container ship, or an Antonov, (the largest plane in the world) and the Jammer is a great idea – it stops remote controlled bombs from going off.
And if Prince can call himself The Purple One, then why can’t gadaffi call himself The Golden One?
Man they must have alotta cash…

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