“Hello me, it’s you”

Received a rather bizarre phone call on saturday night.
I pick it up, say `Hello?’, the other person says `Hello?’ but I hardly hear them because there’s long distance beeps.
Again I say `Hello, it’s yak’. They reply – and mimic me, repeating what I said. Oh great – I think, because I’m terrible at recognising people’s voices on the phone. My first guess was that it was ‘Taurus-buddy“ who visited a few months back; often he’ll start off phone converstaions with dumb jokes.
`Hello? Taurus-buddy?’, again they mimic me, saying exactly what I say about a half-second later than when i do. I pause silently, thinking that the silence will make them uncomfortable and give in, but it doesn’t.
`Okay who is it? i can’t guess’, i say with a ”give-up“ tone in my voice — and again they parrot me. I think maybe it’s my electrician-friend, and ask if it is. When they repeat what i say I realise that it’s not his voice. My last guess is my brother the NewsHound because his voice is similar to mine, but they just repeat me again.

After about thirty seconds of this it occurs to me that the mimicry is just too precise AND THEN i realise that it’s ME somehow looped though the phone, so I hang up but it still feels like I’m hanging up on someone else. With a phone normally you’ll hear your own voice through the ear-peice, but it’s only what is amplified through the mouth peice and is instantaneous. This was diffferent; there was a noticable lag.

So i sit there for about a minute with the (cordless) phone in hand thinking that somehow, someone had phone-phreaked me (but i thought phone-phreakin’ was almost impossible with modern technology?) — and Trippin’ Hard on the
concept of my phone ringing itself and ME being on the other end!

The phone rings again and it’s gene’s aunty -The Nun- in england. So that basically solved it – the first attempt must’ve got wires crossed somewhere annd i was on loop back. But a while after i was still thinking about it – it occurred to me that i sounded reallly kinda menacing, and, do I always sound menacing on the phone? But no – I think it was that the doppelganger mimicked my tone of voice exactly, which gave a menacing feel to it. If it was another person, then at some point in the little charade they’d crack slightly, or there’d be a little laugh in their tone of voice.
[Mental note to self; possible science-fiction story idea – parallel universes connected through telephone. Evil Me shows up to finish off Normal Me. Ps. – this has already happened to capatin James T. Kirk on several occasions.]
Gene’s little sister is feeling muchh better, which is fantastic.
It’s amazing what installing all the updates and DirectX can do for the stability of woodnose and it’s ability to successfully install games. The sound card isn’t even locking it up anymore! And on top of that a two-peice speaker set was donated to the ”support Spouting benevolent society” last night — so now i don’t have to wear the headphones if I wanna hear something.
I updated the BIOS too, which didn’t fry the motherboard, which is neat, but it didn’t improve anything either. Juggernaut is still underclocking – running at .75 of standard speed. i don’t know what to do about that.

I don’t know why I didn’t rig up some speakers of some sort to the datamachine before now. I might see if I can link in my old bass amp to the little ones to provide a bit of kick.
My top 5 Led Zeppelin tracks:
1. When the levee breaks
2. Heartbreaker
3. The immigrant song
4. Kashmir
5. Since I been lovin’ you

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