Yak sox has been flying solo here at Spouting headquarters these last couple of days – gene’s little sister is sick, so she’s been there over the other side of the bay. it’s not my place to go into the details of it at present, apart from saying that it’s a rather rare illness, and I’ve just been looking up some medical sites.
First time I’ve done that. It’s like hospitals; not the kind of places you hang around volutarily.
The family are going through those feelings of helplessness and frustration that I know well enough after my dad passing on earlier this year. for me, it brings back the sense of frustration with The System and its priorities.
It’s as if Western medicine has made bugger-all progress since the middle ages, and I’m reminded of that scene from the Star Trek movie “Save The Whales” (or whatever it’s called) where McCoy busts into the 20thC. hospital to save Chekov, and is mortified at the primitivness of it all.

I think that us humans are extremely intelligent, and when an area of development is prioritised our understanding of it jumps along in leaps in bounds. What I mean by that is when money is channelled into an area – that’s when it moves. Maybe it’s not as simple as `throw enough money at something and it’ll get fixed’ — but maybe it is. The thing is that the money brings the people, and like I said, people are smart.
Take information technology for example. It’s developed so rapidly in the last 40 years because The System has needed that technology to grow its structure. Money was channelled into that area so that the early computer scientists and engineers had all the resources they wanted.
That quote comes back to me that if personal transport had developed at the same rate that computers did then everyone would be driving water-fuelled bubble-cars.
IT is an area where the public can actuallly see the results. Military Technology has had an even higher level of priority, yet it’s of absolutely no benefit to humanity as a whole.
It’s harder to use military tech. as an example because we only ever get to the pedestrian edge of it, like `Smart-bombs’, or the examples are outdated like Germany’s development of the V2 rocket during WW2. But I’m sure that if we knew everything of what the world’s Military Industrial Complex had researched and developed over the last ten years, we’d be blown away (metaphorically speaking).

So funding is part of the equation. If all that funding was directed to socially useful things like medical advancement the world would be a very different place. Another factor is attitude. Western medicine has a terrible superiority complex. Natural and effective treatments and cures found in the jungles are going begging, and valuable knowledge that’s passed along in tribes is ignored.
It all comes back to profit. If there’s too choices, but only one will make a buck, then that’s the one that they’ll take regardless of if it’s the more effective one.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for many things. Probably most of all for being born in a first world country where food and clean water are plentiful, where I can live and not work if I don’t want to (shhh) and study if I want and not have to pay money back until I’m actually earning money. I have this much and I’m grateful.
But we as a species are capable of so much more.

And right now, our “leader”, Howard, is talking about how we, the little nation of Australia, need to develop the capability to strike anywhere in the world at a moments’ notice!
What is he ON???

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