– Whirlpool forums go FUBAR

I slept on this issue specifically because I was feeling agitated last PM, but even today when triviality emerges the winner, I still can’t resist that entry title.

Yesterday a situation went down on the whirlpool general forums which resulted in them being closed – temporarily or permenently – frankly I don’t care.
I’m still finding it hard to arrive at an opinion that feels objective. But right now I think that: people shouldn’t open public forums without thinking that at some point they will really have to deal with people.
Playing the “This is my site, there is no free speech here”, card is a cop out, as is closing the forums when it all becomes too much.

To those of you who aren’t or weren’t frequenters of the whirlpool forums this will all seem rather cryptic. I could recount the whole thing from my perspective, but in the grand scheme of things the events are trivial. Suffice to say, I learnt a little lesson in How not to administer a forum (if i ever was to, which isn’t very likely) — and that there are few people who have the ability to code a well-functioning forum + have the emotional well-being to actually run it decently at the same time. Rusty, the head-guy at K5 is the only one i can think of who can do this.

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