Just spent a couple of hours in the woodnose95 partition using the scanner to scoop some fotos up, and to OCR my last Internatioonal Relations essay. The Caraere (can’t remember the correct spelling) OCR (I think it stands for Optical Character Recognition ) software needed registering online — so quickly jumped on to do so. While on, also checked how this page was looking in Internet Explorer — and Botheration! It’s outta wack.
I was pretty sure if it was fine in Moz, then IE would’ve followed. I’m stumped now. The banner pic is about 20pixels longer than the body. I suppose there’s a chance it might be something to do with the GIMP.
I’m really reluctant to go back to the old style Tables format, but I’m pretty sure it’d fix it. May have to have a look at the CSS table format.

Was nice to take a little trip down Memory Lane, but not too many of the older fotos are going here. Not yet at least.
A follow up on the Real situation: Here’s part of what they wrote back, which basically amounts to nothing. For all I know, this `Steve’ is a bot.

Thanks for contacting RealNetworks Technical Support.

My name is Steve. I am a RealNetworks Support Engineer and will be interacting with you on the problem you are reporting.
I apologize for the difficulty you have experienced.
I understand that you would like to know why a version of RealPlayer is not available for linux. Kindly go through the following article.

— It then goes on to refer me to the same crap on their website.

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