Alright! uni auctions.

I’ve been wondering when this would come up. Last year gene was enrolled at uni and I wasn’t. She’d get these emails saying that the uni IT deptartment was having these “silent auctions” with all this old hardware. I got to thinking that I’d have to enrol to get in on this, obtaining a degree as an adjunct.

Anyway – so far – this year the only emails I’d received were from the CHICAMP (whatever the hell that is) and the student union which get canned straight away.
There’s an auction on later this week. The idea is you bid for stuff by writing an amount down, sticking it in an envelope andd then they open all the envelopes and if yours iss the highest bid, you win! … Well not win, but you know what I mean.

Most of the stuff is still junk – audiovisual like:
G113 Marantz Superscope Cassette Recorder C-330 Unknown –and—
G104 SonyVCR-16B Film camera attachment Unknown

“unknown” means they dunno if it’s working or not. But there’s also these babies:

G190 Computer CPU Pentium 100 with CDROM Working
G191 Computer CPU Pentium 100 Working
G192 Computer CPU Pentium 100 Working
G193 Computer CPU Pentium 100 with CDROM Working
G194 Computer CPU Pentium 100 with CDROM Working
G195 Computer CPU Pentium 100 with CDROM Working

Which of course could be really trashy, but I’m gonna go inna town on friday and have alook. i wouldn’t picking one up and think 40 bucks should do it. hardly anyone hears about these things since they’re only publicised through uni internally and who else is going to want a P100?
If it’s got all the bits it’s a goer i reckon. Would be fun to muck around with wacky distributions without endangering the Juggernaut setup. Plus could have a go at networking.

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