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Well, you might’ve noticed a little resizing going on here lately. I’ve been thinking long and hard and have decided to hell with what few 600×460 res. users there are out there. This probably isn’t the Proper attitude to take, I don’t know — indecisive bastard aren’t I?
To get things sorted I’ve been using a neat little app named KRuler. Here’s a clicky to the Juggernaut Datamachine’s desktop. [ image lost ]
So there you see it sitting on top of Mozilla, and measuring Core. It’s a lot of fun; like walking down the street, seeing someone and thinking, “geez, they’re tall” and having a ruler flash up in front of your eyes Terminator style so you can measure them.
It measures in pixels, can be folded out to different lengths, and can be turned in different directions.
I’m trying to motivate myself to spend a week only using Mozilla so I can really get to know it and judge it’s goodness comapred to Opera better. Habit is hard to change though and this morning i automatically went to open Opera. We’ll see how it goes.

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