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[Note on previous post] – I clarify that the Russian police robots are in no way connected with Kraftwerk, who are German in origin. You may have noticed that my posts jump from one topic to the next — from here on in topic seperation will be as is at the end of this para.
Have just been on a short search for some .TTFs, not necessary but desired after the last disk formatting. But i don’t think I’m in the right frame of mind for it – short on sleep means low on tolerance — pop ups get annoying (when don’t they? When do you ever hear the word `pop-ups’ without `annoying’ before it?) and all the titles seems stoopid. It’s a quagmire of faddishness.
By far the best site is Burodestruct which has no pop-ups … but does have this shockwave typewriter sound-effect which ain’t so bad, and in fact blended nicely with the Boards of Canada tracks i am listening to.
That’s one thing I like about electronic music; when your living in the city the noises of sirens and car alarms blend into it and don’t seem as offensive.
Yes, so yak sox was “Home Alone” last night and used the excuse to stay up til 4:30, which was kinda fun and the site is slowly coming together. I got a little scared – as Grover would say, my imagination ran away with me – and i started thinking about some of those scary stories I read on K5 one night, particularly this one … ah – anyway, i can’t get a link to the specific post otherwise I would.
My tip for the CART race in toronto tomorrow: Kenny brack – a long shot for sure, but he’s gotta settle down sometime, and Little Napoleon’s winning streak has to finish sometime, and hopefully Vasser can uncurse himself … and the ice cream wagon crashes.
Think for tomorrow’s post i’ll do a piece on which CART team is the least evil (sponsorship-wise).

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