We are the robots

I got a feeling that technoculture is going to be an underlying theme to the next few months. It’s one of the subjects I’m studying this semester and am lookin’ forward to it.
Am thinking a lot about the phrase “We are the robots”, and as you’ll soon notice, am paying homage to Kraftwerk, who were decades ahead of their time.

Now, i don’t want to freak you all out (and admittedly, my russian is a bit rusty) but these men are robots.robots.jpg
It says so on this website. I’ll translate from the site; “We were constructed during the 1950s by scientists for the KGB … Since the fall of `communism’ we have got jobs with the Moscow Police Deptartment and are living in a flat like regular people. Our names are Ivan and Goreshky. We hope you like our homepage.”

Apparently their favorite movie is `Lenningrad Cowboys Go America’, and on their days off like to go out for coloured drinks.best.jpg

Anyway, my knowledge of the russian language has occasionally let me down in the past, but it’s great to see the robots getting on with life and finding some meaning in the civilian world.
I was thinking a bit more about that article about books that I mentioned yesterday. Okay, so de Botton isn’t such a bastard, even if he is trying to steal my girlfriend. One of the things he mentioned was how we jump quickly from one book to the next, without really absorbing them completely, and that this is a result of there being *so many* books out there, and wanting to get through as many as possible before dying. Adding to that – that it’d be good if we could really get to know 3 or 4 books *really* well over our lifetimes.

I get the same thing with websites, but even more so. When was the last time that you stayed still to really look at a page: the colour, placement, and think and double-think about what was written on it. Then move onto its second page – and so on. For me – hardly ever. There’s a thing about the net and computers to want to keep moving – and that this *isn’t* a book — there should be things dancing around in front of me!
The same can be said about writing into the web. It’s all temporary, throw-away — including this — maybe.

I have to go now, someone is video-taping me in my spaceship.

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