Woke up with a headache

this morning, which is never a good thing. Think I was goin’ a bit hard on here yesterday – staring into the box. Now and then I’ll get these kinds of days where my brain will want to do more than the rest of the body wants to. I’m sure my CRT’s refresh rate is at 90Hz (or however it’s measured) but it’d be the same if i was peering into a paper-book all day — too mono on the eyes. And sitting here too long makes me back sore, which I s’ppose says something about my ergonomics set up.
Was reading this article by Alain deBotton, who I don’t like because gene has a crush on him (and she pokes fun at me because it gets me riled) but it’s a good article anyway. Reading in a different place gives the book a `feel’ for me. i’ll pick up the book ages after and it’ll remind me of where i read it. The two things mix in together.
Actually I was thinking about quirks the other day – one of mine is that I always take something to read with me wherever I go. Even if it’s just into town for the afternoon i’ll take a magazine or a book, “Just in case there’s a traffic jam” – fairly unlikely here. 95% of the time i don’t get to read what i take.

So anyway the site’s coming along slowly – my CSS is a bit rusty but it’s coming back. Was thinking about a 404. i’ve heard people have some really clever ideas for their custom 404s (can’t say that I’ve seen any) and am tempted to have a little google of it, but i’d probably just end up stealing someone else’s idea. i’ll wait til i got mine done.

GTK-Gnutella seems to have grown a little more since I used it last. It now remebers your searches from one session to the next, which saves a bit of retyping. it’s probably just my luck so far, but it seems to be running better too.

Was about to mention that I thought something fishy was going on with Nexus’ website, becausse it’d been down for a few days, but just rechecking now it’s back. Thought perhaps some nasty-pasty’d hacked it.
They’ve got a good article in the current (print) issue on the history of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. It quickly cuts through the main-stream media myth that it’s a religious thing. Like almost all warring – it’s about land. The author of the article is involved in the website www.merip.org (Middle East Research and Information Project) which is chokkers full of interesting stuff, and in fact, this article i mentioned is there somewhere too, but I couldn’t find the exact link.

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