Back from the bewildering wilderness

of the big exam room. I got stuck in there for a couple of days. At least I think it was a couple of days … mighta been weeks. Anyway, now is fun time and i probably would’ve posted before now but for a few factors: DigitalRice seems to be picking some rather inoportune times to blank out on me, and it was raining here last night so the dial-up connection was dropping continually, and I was getting insane because of the crappy beige keyboard so I deleted the lot again.
And there was a good thing about this, because I figured why I couldn’t get a VFAT on the thing – I had to delete the partitions within Linux first. So that’s sorted and now I got woodnose95 back on a little section of the disk, so I can again use the parallel scanner = hauurrah!
Anyway – there’s much a-brewin’, I got a green light on the domain, thanks muchly to gene’s helpness facilities of her credit card — so there should be some transition/exodus type stuff happening tomorrow, or even late tonight. Wow.
That’s all I got right now, much stuff to d/load and reset up. I get bugged when my desktop doesn’t look exactly how I want it.

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