bothersome modules

I tried to upgrade my kernel yesterday, and the I tried to recompile it and now I’m having trouble getting the USB keyboard to work. As a consequence I am using this terrible pasty grey krapboard right now. It reminds me of those kids “activity play centre” things, but without the colour — all clunky and the sound of the keys is almost comical.
I thought it was worse — I thought the modem module had gone south too – all yesterday I was trying to get online and it kept saying `PPPd has dies, are you sure it’s the right password?’ — and I was thinking yes, of course it’s the right password, and that something had stuffed up on this end. It wasn’t til 6 in the evening that it dawned on me that the three months of TPG ISP had run out – they wouldda auto-renewed it but gene had changed her credit card.
So, this evening I can at least get on here to whinge a bit! Three more days and I’ll have all the time in the world (for 2.5 weeks) to get everything resorted.

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