(I don’t know if that’s how it’s spelt, and I’m too lazy to check. Basically – am having thought-shift)
Yes, so an ideqa happened upon me last night as I was putin on my PJs. Was having second thoughts about the title, `Spouting.’ I mean it’s not a bad title, but let’s face it – most of the time the pressure’s just not there – and theoretically what should spout out comes out as a dribble. Also seems a tad generic now that I see more of the weblog names on
For some reason Lies inc. came into my head. This is the title of oone of Snog’s albums. After some intense chewing over I’m still not sure. To start with – it’s not original, althooug Snog is one of those forces that I loudly and unreservedly say is a big influence on me, but I usually have this thing about thinking things up myself.
To me, the immediate connotations of Lies inc. are dark, but this is because i know it’s connection to the album and lines like, “keep away from me, I’m on my way to the bank” and song titles like `Shop’. Lies aren’t always bad, afterall all fiction stories are lies of a sort This is kind of getting into the philosophy of absolute truth though….

Next possible prob is the actual address. is free, but it could be misunderstood as lie sinc, which seems stoopid but … y’know.
lies-inc is already taken, and lo and behold – it’s got freakin baby pictures on it! And here I was thinking – “But is my mundane weblog worthy of a Hardcore address like that?” I could always go for, whichh is free but it don’t quite work; pretnding to be a corpooration but having an .org address.
It wouldn’t matter what title or address I had – now or then — at some point I’ll get a bit sick of it. If I could change the name of the street I live on, I would’ve by now.
Will think some more.

Oh, and Go Germany! Smite those imperialist yankees!

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