The Clash Room

The Clash Room had a Slash Room and a spot to stand and smoke but no exercise yard – surely this is a breach of human rights.
I would’ve liked the title of this entry to be “Live From The Clash Room”, but there’s no 3G yet in australia and they would chuck me out if I was caught. I would’ve worn my “Combat Rock” t-shirt to The Clash Room … but I don’t have one.
The Clash Room
Today I had two exams – and they were clashing – so that’s what I’m on about. The exams went okay I suppose. I’m not sure really.
The good part about today was getting my essay back on the EU because I got 80% for it, and Shappy wrote some nice comments. He liked the title, `Stuck in the middle with (E)U’ — and wants to know if I’m going on to do honours. Well maybe, but not in politics. It’d destroy my soul. Anyway – he wrote those things before he’d seen this apalling pile of turds that I left on the pages of the exam today. I really didn’t do much preparation.
And throughout my whole Clash experience there was this girl who was coughing – it was really screwing with my concentration, so halfway through the morning exam, I turns around in my seat and yells, “Hey Coughing Girl! Why didn’t ya buy some fucken anticols!?
I wanted to do that but of course I didn’t.
So that’s it – 2 down, 2 to go.

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