Wow – K5 is really going it head guy, Rusty announced the other day (in this article) that K5 was going to have to be degraded in some way – gaudy banner ads, or be without a fulltime admin (him) unless some dough was raised somehow.
I was thinking that the target of $70, 000 US was high – even for a site that gets traffic like it does. So you can imagine my surprise when I just clicked throough to see a thermometer type thing with twenty grand already donated. They’re asking people to become members for 4bucks US a month. That’s around the cost of a decent computer magazine for me. If I was a employed person I’d really probably do it.
Personally – I’d really like to see another breakdown of those figures. 140 thousand in my language seems like an awful lot considering that they don’t pay for their bandwidth.

And while I’m typing in a href’s – I just found distrowatchthe other day – which gives you an idea of how many Linux distributions there are – and what they all include etc.

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