three kookaburras (a good omen)

sitting on a branch of one of the big tree out the back today, their heads slightly tilted toward the deep blue of the sky; that zen “HA HA HA HAHAHAHAH HA”. It sounds jubilant to me – but it freaks all the other sorts of birds. They probably think the kookas are mad. The weather’s been georgous the last couple of days – pretty amazing considering winter’s about to reach the bottom of the clock sometime this week. Not that it’s setting itself up for a fire season either (oh well … who knows – maybe it is) becuase there’s been some days that’ve been bucketing down with rain too. So that’s the weather for ya.

Now onto sports. Little Napoleon wwon again last night at Portland. That’s okay – I s’pose he deserved to win. It was a good race. The icecream van pranged. Jimmy Vasser’s life-long curse continued, and some wheel-changin’ guy probably got fired from Brack’s crew.
The really good news in CART though, is that the head-guy Pook really sounds like he knows what he’s doin’. He’ss told the IRL to go bugger off, and CART’s stickin’ with turbo engines for the next two years – which is far more intelligent that naturally asspirated I reckon.

There’s something really sinister about walking into the kitchen when the only light on is the one inside the oven.

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