Well, right now at least am feeling a touch better about the exam situation. I don’t feel good about it being one of the only things I’ve got to talk about at the moment, but anyway.
Have been watching a bit of soccer lately. It’s not a bad game. Apart from the “off side” rule (which I don’t really understand) it’s a fairly simple game – much moreso thatn aussie rule – and this is a good thing I think.
Moving to a full domain on paid-for space will be happening, in maybee a week and a half. Digital rice has been fairly good lately but my 5megs is slowly depleting with each post, and I’m sure I’d have put at least a few more pictures on here if not for that space situation. One thing odd about DR is that they changed their front page — and now everytime I click through to it – i get this browser window asking if I want to open the file or save it to disk — save their home page to disk. I’m pretty sure it’s not something wrongly enabled from my browser either – it’s on their end. I’ve never seen it happen before with other websites.

So now it’s kind of just waiting — and rereading stuff until these things happen. For the IR subject Shappy gave us the questions so we could read up and formulate what’s to be written. I kind off wish he hadn’t – so then I would’nt have to read this crap. Note to self: Don’t take anymore politics subjects – it’s all terrible lie-filled crap that they feed. Chompers was right when he said that tertiary education is institutionalised ignorance – particularly so when it comes to “informational” areas like politics.

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